Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Chak De effect!

So, too much of hockey these days.. Can't say, if its on field too.. I am here talking about news-room discussions. In last one week, I saw three such discussions.. with chatter box anchors asking some really stupid questions to the players... err... actors of Chak De.

I know, I am blamed as a frustrated person, who has to find out something depressive everywhere... but that's ok.. this is my blog.


Don't you think asking these girls about the scenario of Indian hockey is just like asking, Iqbal, I mean, Shreyas Talpade, the difference between the footwork of Tendulkar and Lara. Till, their experience with the hockey stick was asked, it was okay.. but then the anchor started asking them the solutions to bring Indian hockey on the top... What they will say? Poor actors suggested the age old remedies. "We need to give them good exposure... we should have better facilities.. Indians are not much interested in games other than cricket"..

Yeah.. true.

The girls who were sitting on the dais were the actors and not the actual hockey players. There are some real hockey players as well in the movie. Might be they had more practical and applicable answers.

So, there were some really funny questions/answers, which I don't think any sensible player/actor/anchor will ever give/ask... like - the super talkative 'chatar patar' anchor asked one of the actors - "before Chak De.. did you ever feel that hockey is for playing??"

And the actor (who played Balbir's role) replied - "No.. before that I always thought that hockey is only meant for hitting people... wo to after Chak de, I realised that isse khela bhi jata hai" (I swear this was her answer). I wonder if the girl is some Bhai - wai.

Then, there was Komal Chautala - in the movie she might have played the role of a Haryani Girl, who hates to be a girl.. so much that she even does not like any make-over. But, in the discussion, she came with her absolute feminine look with a snugly black dress that looked absolutely fab.. She plays hockey, in actual too. So, Chak de effect was quite visible on her... as I wonder, if any of our hockey players actually have such a model-type body language.

Also, the anchor asked some questions like - "do you think, things were more difficult with girls".. what rubbish... everyone knows, in India, things are always more difficult for girls, whenever they try to jump into the self-styled domain of males.

Anyways, thanks to our news-channels. At least, they called the actors on fore and as an excuse with those rubbish discussions, some thoughtful minds spared a second thinking about the state of country's national game. And above all, thanks to the Chak De team.. at least, it reminded that hockey is still alive in India and our girls have made some 'real' remarkable achievements. Otherwise, I would have remained ignorant about the fact that India won a gold in common wealth in 2002 or the name of our captain is Mamta Kharab.

I would like to end with an incident - During a class in my coaching, the English teacher asked us the name of the captain of Indian Hockey team. There were some 40 students in the class. None of them knew. He said Rahul Sharma. Seeing that we all are convinced and impressed .. he added, "kuch bhi bol do.. who knows the correct answer"..