Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And why do I call myself, that?

Anuj says that "tears look awful when you talk of Cinderella". May be. But Cinderella (if she ever existed) was never complete without tears.

How much you cry sometimes is directly proportional to how much you hate blaming others for those tears. What's wrong, if Cinderalla locks herself in her room and cries for half of the night? Why can't she relax and vent out all her anger, frustration and depression through her eyes? She is as human as any one else; and crying does not mean that you have lost the battle or you do not have the courage to stand again.

You know, why I chose the name Cinderella... because her story inspires me to see dreams, which are totally impractical, yet so rejuvenating and lovely. I do not dream of marrying a Prince, who'll find me through a glass slipper. But indeed, I dream about a red fairy who could transform a pumpkin into a chariot and lizards into a pair of beautiful horses. I dream about living a life, which may not last after midnight... but for whatever duration it exists, it is no less wonderful than a fairy tale. Yes, I dream to live a life as mentioned in fairy tales with angels, where animals can talk, with chocolate trees and friends like Casper, a magic wand and people as innocent as Winnie the Pooh -the world of fantasy; and my urge of seeing that world, can never be understood by the people, who live in 'real' world.

Anuj, you know what... this world really exists. And to realise this you just have to cry a lot and go to sleep. The next morning, you see some tear marks on your cheeks but you do not feel as if you were crying. In fact, you can not recall anything that happened with you last night, as if you were dead there. I believe that these are the moments, when some Red Fairy really comes up and hugs you with all the love and warmth, she can offer you.. you then live that dream life for a while, where she holds your hand and then makes you forget everything, when you have to come back to the real world. And though, you can not remember anything you saw in that dream, yet you feel refreshing; and those tear marks prove that you were crying, if not out of sadness then out of happiness.