Friday, September 14, 2007

Beyond words

I know its an age old problem with Indian mentality... but every time it is repeated it only causes more pain than it has caused earlier. Issues might change.. but the attitude of people towards them, never.

This time it is Ram.. and Ramayan.

Ironically, we believe on something that west can digest; and that is why we feel ashamed that our God has got a trunk or resembles a monkey. What if we worship a monkey GOD??? What the hell any other person on this entire earth is supposed to do with that? Who are they to laugh over us, if our GOD looks like a monkey. Don't their forefathers resembled monkeys? What problem anyone has got if we have faith in 2 crores Gods and Goddesses?

Its unfortunate that while the Bible and Quran are taken as the rule-book of conduct in Christianity and Islam, epics like Ramayan, Mahabharat and Geeta are considered a part of Mythology. "Myth".. something, which is supposed to exist, but does not have a proof for that - I strongly oppose the use of this word anywhere, in context of Hindu religion. Nothing is Myth in Ramayan, Mahabharat and Geeta. It is not a myth, it is the Philosophy of Life for Hinduism. The guidelines of how one should fulfill his social, physical, mental and spiritual responsibilities.

If we can not prove something, then that does not mean, it never existed. And why should we even think of proving that? And the biggest question is, to whom we need to prove all this? Who in India, can deny the existence of Ram? Are we going to believe on something, which NASA believes on? Are the Americans going to decide, whom we should pray to?

Its unfortunate and ironic.

We serenely believe that Lord Jesus was the son of God.. then why can not believe that Lord Vishnu took birth on earth in 20 different incarnations. When we believe that Lord Jesus came back to earth after three days of his death... then why can't we believe on story of Ram or the fact that Ravana had got ten heads. When we believe on some weird shapes of Egyptian Gods, why can't we believe on ours?

After a certain hue and cry, people stopped questioning, whether Lord Jesus was married, whether the world still has his family line. Then, why now and then, we raise the question on the existence of Ram? From where these people get the courage to question the existence of GOD, in a country, whose father of the nation had said "hey Raam" as his last words?

I really do not understand, why we need logic behind everything in this world. I remember, a heated debate with a friend over the authenticity of 'Kundali' and 'grahas'. He said he does not believe on them since they do not have any scientific logic. Whereas, I was of the opinion that Kundali is an extremely old science of India, which is purely mathematical in its conduct. Position of grahas (stars) is studied through proper geometrical formulas with angles and inclinations. Besides, there is a proper measurement of intensity of light and energy, each graha is throwing on our body during the time of our birth. Also, kundali keeps a regular and very correct record of how the course of each star would change with time and this can be verified astronomically. So, why do we need to prove the authenticity of kundalis using scientific methods, when we know that it was in use, much before evolution of any scientific knowledge or law. I am in touch with several people who study Kundalis and hence I know, what impact it could have in a person's life and so I never look at it with suspicion.

Yeah! I agree that these days, people take kundali for-granted and often use them to hide their cowardice and inactivity behind it. But, then here the problem is not with this science, but with the people using it with malign interest. Don't you think that in such a scenario it becomes our duty to explore the truth and then make an opinion over the authenticity of this traditional and indigenous branch of astronomy, on which we Indians should feel proud. Have we really gained enough knowledge to say that I do not believe on something, since scientific laws have not proved it? And for that matter, I want to ask myself, do I really have the authority to question the authenticity of something, on which my parents and grand-parents believe like anything. My answer is "NO".

Its not the question of kundali only.. this mentality works everywhere. If we find something, on which western mentality could not be convinced, we declare it as backward or myth for ourselves. How much you respect your culture shows how much you respect yourself.

My mother can still recall the time very well, when her grandmother used to recite Ramayana in her house every morning; and all the children were supposed to sit and listen to it. The story that inculcated never-dying moral values in them. Which explained to them the meaning of sacrifices and living for others. These traditions are no where, these days.

For me.. India is nothing without Ram, Ayodhaya, Ram-Setu, Lanka, Mahabharat, Kurukshetra, Harishchandra, Kabir, Radha - Krishna - Meera, Ganesh ji, Hanuman ji, Shravan Kumar, Arjun, Manu, Veda, Purana, the three-Lords and every single .. I repeat.. every single thing mentioned or ridiculed by anyone as a part of Hindu 'mythology'.

"She talks of Ramayana... oh so uncool... hey, you have the CD if Nelie Furtado's latest album"... this generation that not only talks in English.. but, also dreams and thinks in English can never understand the meaning of words like 'values', 'family' and 'sacrifice'. For them.. the only motive of life is to remain 'cool'... and sacrifice means.. 'shoot-out at Virginia Tech'.

They can never understand, why an average Indian like me feels proud to be an Indian and why she wants to be born as an Indian only, every time and always.

PS: I know I sound like a Shiv-Sainik, but that is okay. I am a future politician after all :D