Saturday, September 01, 2007

Left ....Right....Left and.. u r my Mr. Perfect.

When my mummy speaks, she makes it classic.. like this after noon, she got irritated, knowing that I have been listening to the same song continuously for last two and a half hour. She was more worried about what the neighbours would think. "Sochenge inke ghar main sab pagal ho gaye hain... ", she said, while lowering down the volume. She then asked, "CAT main yah gana bhi aayega kya, jo baithke yaad kar rahi ho... ".

Then I insisted her to listen to this song. She agreed, when I told her that if she wants to find a suitable boy for me, he should be like the one mentioned in this song, only.. and she gave me a big "haiiinnn.... Sachchiiiiii............" kind of expression. While, I was still trying to gauge the level of happiness behind that expression, she further said, "par tum to kehti ho... ki ladaka tum pasand karogi... " :/

I felt like giving a reply, but her sudden happiness left me speechless. After all, few people are not made for humour :|

She liked the song and then we both enjoyed it for another half an hour. After that she declared that no such boy exists on Mother Earth and so I should change the song, immediately.

Then I asked her.. that if she ever had an affair or even a crush. She replied, "hamare jamane main mobile or Internet nahi hote the.." :/

(She is an expert in giving such brutal answers...)

"Didn't you have, even the liking for someone... not even some muhalle ke bhaiya.. waiyya.. ", I inquired more and she gave me a very Indian answer,"I never thought of anyone other than your father".

Me - "But what before meeting papa? You never thought of this Mr. Perfect thing?"
She - "This concept was no where in my age... I never thought about it.. I just wanted a family person; and as far as looks were concerned, i wanted him to have big beautiful eyes... " (giggled) :)

(That is why, dad has got so big eyes. So big that my younger brother, when he was very small, used to micturate sometimes, when dad stared at him, in anger)

Then, I asked her if she thinks that she might have found a better husband, had she been allowed to go for a love marriage. "Me or many other girls of my age were never so surefooted about our decisions. We relied on parents for even the simplest things; and finding life partner was something, we would have never been able to do... now days, you girls get different type of grooming, which makes you confident about your views towards life", she replied.

And for this, I really thanked all the souls, who worked for women liberalisation.

Arranged marriage is something that frightens me the most. Someone, whom you have never seen, never met, or never spoke to, becomes the master of your life. I can give myself to any extent.. but only to the man, I love. Not to someone, selected for me by my parents, because he is from a good family, or has a good job or belongs to the same caste. How can these be the criteria for selecting life-partners? Perhaps, due to these arguments, my parents have surrendered, giving me the complete authority to select a life-partner for myself.

But, Mr. or Miss. Right is something, which every person dreams of and how can these dreams depend upon the kind of grooming. Anyways.

I just wonder what can be the height of expectations from that 'never-seen' guy. Moreover, frankly there could be no Mr. Perfect, at all. Since, no one is perfect, but still, you wish and desire for this and finally end up with someone, who is not perfect but workable. I mean Mr. Right if not Perfect - Right For You. As my friend says, "its the quest of finding the best amongst the worsts".

When you are small, that desire to have Mr. Perfect remains well under control. But, then at some point of time, you realise that this wait should end now. Since, you have already seen several colours of life and now the time has come, when that beautiful shade of love should also enter your life.

Then you dream that someday, your Mr. Perfect too would come out from some heaven with a rose in his hand. Though at the back of your mind, you are pretty clear that nothing such thing is ever going to happen. This is a stupid dream, yet you cherish it, since dreams are not supposed to be logical and practical, always.

And then you discover that ages have passed and no Mr. Perfect has come up. You have learned living with that dream and your sub-conscious mind has no issues even if that Mr. Perfect never comes up. Then, gradually you find someone, who is close to that Mr. Perfect image... you make a compromise of your life - compromise of choosing the better, who exists than the best, who never existed.

But, when you listen to some songs, who remind you of the days, when you were neither young nor too old, when love meant what papa feels for mummy and when Mr. Perfect was the most handsome, intelligent, loving, caring, successful and accomplished person in the world. You again go back to that memory lane.. to find that old image.. dust it a bit.. and check if he is still, the best person in the world.

Sometimes, I wonder what if he comes up now, with a rose in his hand. What would you do then???

But, perhaps this time, you do not want him to come before you. You want him to live in your childhood memories and some lovely songs; because, now you have started loving his alter ego, Mr. Right, who may not be the perfect guy in this world.. but is certainly perfect for you.

"hum ko malum hai jannat ke haqeqat lekin,
dil ko kush rakhne ko ghalib yeh khayal achha hai..."

Enjoy this super-senti song - :P

"Jiski aankhon mein meri hi nami ho
Koi toh hai woh yaar maahiya
Karoon main intzaar maahiya
Jisake jine mein meri hi kami ho
Rahe jo bekaraar maahiya
Woh mujhpe nisaar maahiya

Jiski har baat mujhse judi ho
Chaahe jo beshumaar maahiya
Wafa se wafaadaar maahiya

Usako li zindagi ke khwaab main bunoo
Chamkile rang saare unamein bunoo
Usako aksar khayaalo mein socha
Kahin toh hai woh yaar maahiya
woh mera dildaar maahiya

Kabse usake aane ki main raah takoon
Kabse chhupa ke ise dil mein rakhoon
Mere dil ne taraasha use jaisa
Milega wahi yaar maahiya
Hai mujhe aitbaar maahiya"