Thursday, September 13, 2007


Hi, I am Lucy. I am living in this room for past three days. Everything is so monotonous here. This same girl and that same song. I left my parents and came here, thinking that things would be different inside house, but this room is messier than that dustbin, where my family is still living.

I asked mom and dad to come along. But, my parents are so conservative. They just do not want to leave their roots. They say that this is the dustbin, where they met last week.. got married after a courtship of 13 hours.. gave birth to my brother and me.. saw both of us growing up and now when their end is near.. how can they leave this dustbin that gave them the family and a reason to smile.

But, bro and I do not think like them. Since after Lui (my bro, not the one shown in Mortein ads) has shifted to another locality in search of better life.. I am trying to cajole my parents that look we basically are house-flies and we should live in a house, not in this dustbin. But they do not seem to understand my point.

Mom says, home is where the heart is. These people are so less ambitious. Just satisfied with whatever they have. You know, nothing can be more difficult than to make your old parents learn new tricks. I lifted this dialogue from something, which humans utter. Hope it is making some sense, here. Anyways, after a lot of cajoling they agreed to give me the chance to explore the world, outside this dustbin. But since, they did not want me to go far away.. so I chose this near-by room.

I share this room with this lazy girl. Few days back, I read about an experiment on house-flies, done to understand our sleeping habits. A group of five scientists locked themselves in a chamber with some two dozen house-flies to understand their (flies, not scientists) sleeping tendencies in different colours of light. They continued this experiment for 12 hours. I still remember how much I and Lui had laughed, thinking that five knowledgeable people can wake for 12 hours, just to see how flies sleep. Well like Humans, we too eat, drink and make merry through out the day, and sleep throughout the night. The only difference between us and them is that we do not wake up late in the morning.

Coming back to this girl. She sets four alarms, which snooze regularly after a duration of some ten minutes from 6:30 am. But, she finally wakes up after 8:30 am and after that, she does not do anything. For sometime, she reads the newspaper. Then, she again lays down on bed.. then opens some books and turn pages for some more time... then she opens TV and changes the channels randomly.. again she comes and turn some pages. Then she curses electricity department for power rosterings. Then, as soon as the light comes, she runs towards her comp with the speed of light and opens it. And even before the electricity supply is resumed in all the houses of the locality, her comp starts shouting in the highest possible sound. I am sure, just as the shut down of generators indicate that light has come, this girl's neighbours would have started taking her comp noise (which, she calls, music) as that indicator. And then, she listens to the same song for some 20 times or even more.

Its not fun anymore, watching this lazy girl. Last night, she was insanely crying for something and now she is laughing insanely, while reading something on comp. I am sure, she is in love. As only the people in love do such weird things in life.

Ohhh!! That reminds me of Joseph. He was damn good looking, the most handsome fly, I have ever seen. He was Jini's (lives in the gutter, adjacent to my dustbin) cousin and had come from a near-by locality for her birthday. Oh..I had got such a crush over him. Well-maintained body. Shining Grey coloured wings. He consumes only green - vegetables... very hygienic! Feels so shy from girls. And yeah, he is also doing engineering in garbage management. The Complete fly!!! Who does not want such a guy in her life... but... guys like him get engaged very soon. Why can't they wait for some more time, till they get their dream girl.. I mean someone like me? I do not know, if he has got a girl-friend.

I wish I could see him soon.


Oh!! What happened???? OMG.. this lazy girl has banged herself against the door. Thankfully...humans can not fly... otherwise.. there would have been so many collisions.. they move with their eyes closed.

Ohh.... Josseeeppphhh.... (eyes.. flattering flattering...)

Now.. she is again lying down on her bed. I know, she is again going to sleep. She got up at 8:45 am and its 12:30 pm.. her second shift for sleeping.. those scientists should observe her to understand the sleeping tendencies of human beings. I am sure, she can have a sound sleep, in all colours, circumstances, times, places and positions. Phew...

Seeing her for three days has made me lazy too.. I too feel like taking a nap. So, this is what humans can do with flies.. they can make us lazy too... Phew... I better get back to dustbin.. yaaaawwwwnnnnn....

snorrrr.... snorrrr....