Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A small girl, aged three, raped and murdered in Lucknow. Postmortem reports would confirm the possibilities of gang rape.

Three years........!

I feel ashamed for myself.. for being a part of this Indian society.

Do we really deserve to enjoy any luxury in life? Should any luxury be awarded to those, who never thought about anything.. other than that gives them satisfaction or happiness?

Values were the only foundation of Indian society. And that system is collapsing with every passing day. For me India is nothing.. if we do not love our people, if we do not see God in every human being, if we do not have respect for our family system, if we do not have the courage to follow our Inner Voice, if we could not sacrifice our personal interests for the major benefit of society.

IT and software hub... BPO industry.... foreign exchange... nuclear deals... satellites.. all developments seem to go in vain... if we can not protect a little girl from being molested in such a way. Its good that she died.. had she been alive, what she would have told her parents that what happened with her. She was so innocent to understand the meaning of rape.

- -- If you do not have any solution.... then you are the problem.. ---

I don't know, if I can ever come with any solution.. and till, then.. I know I am a problem in myself.