Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The first cross in the bucket list

The summer internship is about to start and I am joining BJP. Sounds like a dream, no? Sometimes your destiny takes you on a road you have only thought of and you decide to walk on it, just out of sheer madness of your character. I love my impulsive nature, though it has earned me lots of defame and misunderstandings, yet it is what that makes me myself in the truest sense. What I’ll be if I just stop doing what I love doing without thinking about the past, present and future. A lot of people try to become like me… but just as I can’t be them, they can’t be me either. This again has earned me a tremendous loss of good friends, but.. it happens!

So, when I decided to join BJP as a management trainee for two months, a lot of jaws dropped, except of my mom, dad, Neeru aunty and my two best friends. May be now they have started believing in me, otherwise what else can be the reason that they did not ask me any questions or suspect my decision or tagged me that I am confused, suggested me to join a corporate house or ask me what am I going to do in BJP, just because they exactly knew what I am going to do in BJP. Thanks ma, pa, aunty, Anu and Manjari. I love you all so much. Today I realise what it means to have family support.

So, initially… a lot of jaws dropped.. what the hell am I gonna do in politics.. It’s dirty.. It’s not related with our curriculum… how will you justify your choice during placements… you may not get good people.... you are not from IIMs… blah blah blah. Hey hold on people… life is much more than classroom studies and placement worries.. similarly, management education is much more than ‘typical’ business offices and classroom lectures. And now when so many people are appreciating my decision… I wonder what has made other students to contact me personally and request if they can have some project too.

Anyway. We can’t help those who do not dare to act differently. How long is thinking differently going to help us? For eras we are reading that if something bad has to happen, it will happen.. then why do we worry so much. Isn’t initial carefulness enough that we must think of before putting a step ahead… or is it necessary to keep our dogmas within and still believe that the world will be a wonderful place one day. Sometimes I doubt if these motivational quotes, speeches or texts really help somebody, or if they do, then the number is any bigger than that counted on fingertips?

I really wish… everything falls in place in the next two months and I manage to realise the dream I am seeing and cherishing for last so many years. Being a part of a strong national political party during the Lok Sabha elections. Aahh! I am overwhelmed. Let’s see how the wonder unfolds and I’ll keep on flooding my blog with many never-before experiences.

Love you very much, dear God.