Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hazaron Khwahishein Aisi!!

One of the movies that has portrayed Naxalist movement in its vulgarly true form is Hazaroon Khwahishein Aisi. Many people think that it is a movie that shows you some dark desires of a woman, who indirectly acts as protagonist by being the driving force behind some major incidents. Even the director Sudhir Mishra thinks so, he told me this, when I had interviewed him, once.

However, I take this movie as an honest illustration of energetic and misguided youngsters, infact, the college pass-outs in a better sense. Every generation witnesses some of such rebels. Misguided does not mean that they were taken on a wrong path by the force of some revolutionary strong words. By this I mean, they were taught to see a right destination, but were never told how to reach there.

I do not know where the fault is. This confusion, fear of taking decisions and submitting to compromises is not something that only our generation is seeing. It has remain there for a long long time and in worst forms. But why?

I believe that no revolution can even reach its stage 2 if it does not have the student's power. They are such an immense source of energy that their not being a part of an action is unimaginable. At least to me. And I have seen that you always have sufficient number of youngsters to stand with you, whenever you want to step ahead and take The Decision. Yet we have a long list of failed social movements. Perhaps, this list stands as a dampener for every new effort. Sadly, it continues to increase.

Seeing the latest, Mandal II fiasco, I can most definitely say this country is not at all ready for any change. May be no country accepts any big change till it becomes indispensable for it to accept it. May be if Gandhi ji had not been thrown out of the train, he would have never become what he became. Who knows?

Presently, we Indians are enjoying our times. We know things are not perfect, but we have started loving the imperfections. We do not want things to change. We want to get them better. But what betterment? We do not know. Everyone does not have vision. We do have our dreams, which we proudly announce as 'our own way of bringing a change'. Unfortunately, people who write on blogs or mails or have yahoo groups and forums to discuss these prospective changes are not the ones who actually suffer.

The gap between the haves and havenots has got so big that a lot of people of my generation do not even consider that havenots do exist. They have not seen them. They do not know what can be the extent of lawlessness, because in their case it never went beyond eve-teasing or theft or at the max a murder.

Sometimes, I think a day should come in the life of all of us, where we starve and we do not have anything to eat. Then may be we'll realise the thought process of those havenots. In one of his books, CK Prahalad considers the bottom of the social pyramid, the people living under BPL as the ones with high enterprenerial skills. I liked that line. But I have serious issues with why the heck we are gauged by our average income and purchasing power. When we talk about underdeveloped India, we come to slums and BPL. I agree they need immediate attention and all blah blah blah. But these are the people who may not have opportunities, they do have dreams. What about that India, where people do not even have dreams?

Why do all of us want to go to villages and teach students. People are doing such things for ages. Yet things have not gone better in true sense. We need some substantial and some real big steps. We need visions.... individual dreams would not make the impact we need. We need to bring people together. Its about synergy, its about unity. We want people to walk with us..... but I think, its the time when we should become those people, who are ready to walk with you. Somebody has to start.