Monday, March 16, 2009

I know, I Rock!

Opened my poem diary, today ... last entry was made during the Jurassic period. Bad! We often lose contact with our true selves and then make complaints that we have not remained the same person any more.

I am writing poems soon after I started speaking. However, the documentation of this self-styled writer's work began in Circa 1997, when her mother started getting loads of hand-written papers in and around her dustbin. She impatiently saw one of those, one day, expecting it to be a possible-trial of how to write a love letter by her growing daughter... but got much astonished to found a poem in that. Astonished because, everyone who has seen this writer's childhood never expected her to be connected with any literary activities, even remotely. But the writer is a smart creature and right from her childhood she is successfully fooling her friends, family, classmates, teachers and neighbours by her multifaceted personalities. Now after more than two decades of her existence on earth, they have been given enough shocks to believe that she can do anything.

So, the collection of those handwritten papers has now become thick enough to call myself a poet... and even if these little creations have still to earn an appreciator for themselves, I just want to tell this poet that "Baby! You Rock!!"

Just to share, the front page of this diary holds the two best statements I have ever heard , which also stand as the philosophy of my life.

"While faith makes all things possible, it is love that makes all the things easy" - Evan H. Hopkins


"God has bigger plans for me, than I have for myself" - Don't know, who said such wonderful words.

So.. .now I sign off and enter into that wonder world.

One more oldie....

This is something I made when I was trying my hands on paint tools.. I called it Constitution of Morocco.. You can call it, whatever you want..