Saturday, April 11, 2009

Aah.. Pheelasphee!!!!

Sometimes we want something so much in life and at one fine moment, we find that our wish is on the verge of fulfillment. Then, all of a sudden, something happens; and we ask ourselves, do we really want it?

I don't know if we really want it or may be we have started loving that wait and the thought that very soon this wait will be over, discomforts us. Who knows what is going to come out, after the clouds are cleared? There is a charm in uncertainty too. Trust Me.

Sometimes you walk alone, because you do not want anyone to walk with you. May be because, you have accepted something... or may be because, you have refused to accept something. How does it matter... till the result is same.

You know what is the first lesson God teaches us , the moment we come in this wide world. "You have come alone, you'll go alone.. and the moment you'll understand this... you'll never be lonely again".

If you too do not feel like sleeping and the moon outside your window has gone tired of looking at you and your heart urges you to listen to it... believe that the moment has come.. some luggage has to be shed off!!

When the blue night is over my face,
on the dark side of the world in space,
when I'm all alone, with the stars above..
you are the one, I love....

gar wo boond bhi mil gai hoti sagar main..
to kahan se wo moti hota..

tanhai ki bhi apni wajah hoti hai...