Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Making most of the vellaness!

Isn't it sad that as we grow older and our commitments towards life increase, we take out less and less time for ourselves? And seldom when some 'free time' comes to us, we become clueless about what do with it. In most of such times, we finally resort to doing the same thing, we anyway do, because no other thing comes to our mind except of these mundane tasks; and this is really sad. Like many times I have seen that if my mother has nothing to do.. she'll be tiding up some room or making preparations for the dinner or if she is extremely velli for the while, she will watch TV. She has nothing to do... and when I bug her too much to do something else.. she asks me only, "kya karun.. yahi sab kaam toh hai". And she is not the only one, who suffers with this narrow-choice-of-tasks-to-perform.

I am no better than her. Recently, I realised that in the entire day I have no time for myself. Mornings and afternoons are passed in classrooms, evenings with friends and nights, in front of the computer. No time for hobbies! No drawings, paintings, sketching, reading, writing poems.. nothing! I was not doing anything that I have always liked doing.

Then I decided to change my routine a bit. No more chattings in night. No more waiting for anyone to come online. The time after 10'o clock is all mine and I am not going to entertain anyone except mom after 10. And guess what! I had loads of time.. and no idea of what to do with that. For few days, it was really difficult. Someone who is used to of sleeping at 2 or 3'o clock in the night, how can sleep come to her at 10 pm! But in less than ten days, I started sorting out things. First, I kept my cell on silent mode, so that no one disturbs me. Then I found out my sketching kit. Got a book issued from library. Bought a packet of Monaco buiscuit, cleaned up my bed, sharpened my pencil and started sketching after many many days. It feels so good that you are doing something for yourself. Really. With my fav music playing on laptop and doing the work I love, adds so much to lonely nights. Then, in some times, when I think I have done enough for the day, I go to sleep and get up after a good rest of 7 hours!

My sleeping time has reduced very much in past one year; and the consequences are visible. Really yaar.. 7 hours of nice sleep fills you with tons of energy for the next day; otherwise how can a lazy person like me can go to office, everyday while travelling for 6 hours! And believe me, when next time I get up, I feel so ready for the day. No more feelings like.. I wish today was a holiday... no more missing the breakfast... no more hustle bustle. I am a good girl, now! :)

I know, those who'll read this.. will appreciate the change.. but guys, I want you all to try something similar like this. Take out time for yourself and let nothing intrude into that slot. Take a break from computer, even if it looks impossible, use it for your hobbies. Sleep early and for a long time and then get up early.. mornings are much more beautiful than that described by poets.