Monday, June 15, 2009

from good to better to best...

I am a big fan of motivational, inspirational and to some extent philosophical movies. So, much that I have seen heavy movies like Shawshank Redemption, Freedom Writers, Girl Interrupted etc several times; and every time I see them, the human emotions captured in those characters fascinate me to the core.

Its amazing, how well we relate with the people who share our misery. I guess the same happens with the characters in a movie. There are certain characters which are born achievers or the dark horses, they remain hidden for a long long time and all of a sudden they come out. And some times, there are characters who actually do not have any attribute of being a protagonist, but they accept their lives positively and this acceptance one day makes them emerge as a winner. I guess most of the people around us, including ourselves, belong to the latter sect.

How easily people who try to accept things are condemned! Sometimes on the name that they give up easily; sometimes that they do not have 'that element' to fight; sometimes that they really do not deserve the best.... and sometimes that they deserve this only. But do people think that they are not reacting because they have understood that this is not the front, where they are supposed to fight. Their struggle has to reach another level and they'll succeed in reaching that level only if they'll silently live this time. I purposely used the phrase 'live this time', because I know that we all want the best things to happen with us, but only few people know that we can not always get the best... because somewhere in the sky, the great god, wants us to see the other side of the rainbow. And if we wont see that other side now... our destiny will create another rainbow for us.

And you know what... I have seen those other sides many times... and every time that phase was going on, I never told myself that I am the best and still life is giving me these hardships... may be because I knew that this grinding is happening only because I am not the best, but I have to be the best one day.. Best not because I could score the best marks...or could crack the best job... or rise to levels of fame with every passing day... best, because I can understand how to put your feet in others' shoes and feel what it means to live a life when you are not a Cinderella.