Sunday, June 14, 2009

Something to look forward to..

Last two months have been very hectic, though very interesting as well. Surprisingly, despite having loads of topics to write about, I did not feel like writing about any of them. I was also invited for a guest post.. but alas! nothing came out of this mental block. Anyways.

So, now I am in the second year of my MBA course. One year has passed!! Sounds amazing, since, not much has changed into the way I used to think, even after studying the management lessons for 12 months. Can't say if this is good or bad. Yeah, but MBA has certainly raised my aspirations. I think I have all the reasons to expect stars from myself. After all, why should not I?

And like I do this before every trimester, once again, I tell myself to be serious about the academics and actually "study" well. Besides, there are two large scale events in my mind that I intend to organise in the next four months and then the biggest task - Placement! A lot of things are lying ahead for me and all of them look so important. Its true that when you have substantial goals to look forward to, you feel very energetic and hence young and happy. May be this is the reason that while octogenarian at our houses start behaving insanely in their ages, the professionals of the same age still talk sense. A list of goals definitely stop you from taking yourself forgranted.

Its 2'o clock in the night and I had a real hectic day today, both mentally and physically. I should better sleep now.. after all, another day is waiting for me with more challenges and more satisfaction.. and I should not keep people waiting. Goodnight everybody :)