Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bhad main jao..

Rules are made to keep things in order, but when these rules are used to suppress the genuineness of a population, they are ought to be broken. I consider myself to be someone, who generally believes in the potential of a government or any other governing body and accept that they can not be perfect. I also try to keep myself away from criticizing these bodies until it is becoming too unbearable for me. But today, what happened in mess was too much for me to declare, "jao kar do jaake shikayat".

Today a classmate, who got her leg fractured after an accident last month, came back to the campus after a month long stay at her home. Her mother accompanied her, as she still cannot walk without support. They came in evening only and since I was going for dinner, she just asked me if her mother can come for dinner with me. I realised that her mother was too tired and so I offered to bring food for her in the room only.

So, while I was packing food for her, the mess manager very rudely stopped me ,saying that he has already told me many times not to take food to the room, why am I doing it again. Now, it was the first time that he was telling me that, secondly, I did not like his tone at all. He could tell me that so and so rule has come recently, and I may get penalised for not following it, but he definitely does not have the authority to "scold" me.

I told him the reason and he said that I would have to get a slipped signed by the college doctor that the person is not well and hence I am taking food for his or her. WHAT THE HELL!!

Am I supposed to waste my time and energy in getting slips signed if my classmates or friends fall ill. That too from a place, which people try hard not to approach even if they are remotely ill.

Anyway. I packed the food, had my own dinner and came back. But all this time I was thinking about the implications of having any such regulation. Why would anybody stop something that is going on for past many years and doesn't management realise the consequences, when a large number of people are stopped from doing something that they have been doing for so long that too without even telling them, why? Such things will only stop help for people who are actually sick and cannot come to the mess for food.

Aren't these kinds of rules and regulations made to breed a conflict? These kinds of conflicts arise when the governing bodies take their population, for granted. In this world, every things has a reason, this is the law of nature and sitting on a position of authority does not make you an exception of that.