Friday, August 21, 2009

Thoughts at 3:10

It is so depressive to get up at the middle of the night, when the whole world is sleeping peacefully. Like tonight, I slept at 9:30 pm and have got up now, thinking that I'll study for sometime. But, it seems a deadly silence has covered the universe and I can not bear it for a long time at all. It is still better when you get up anytime closer to 4 am, at least, birds have got awakened by that time and you can hear their chirp, thus feeling alive. But before that... it looks kinda scary!

What people might be doing at this time in the parts of the world witnessing night? I think by now, most of the people would have gone for sleep. Those who are still awake will include some theives, insomniacs, people who are in love or in some kind of tensions eg students or may be the writers, who wait for night to fall to let their thoughts come out of the box. I guess, twilights or the beginning of the night is much beautiful than its adios. I think it is the reason why people encourage you to remain awake for a larger part of the duration when the sun is shining and go to bed only after it finally sets. It keeps you optimistic and you feel more connected to the world.

Anyways. Lots of thoughts for a night. I guess I'll go and sleep again and get back after three hours and study then.

Good Night World.