Friday, September 25, 2009

My wardrobe needs a change... Honey!

Recently read a post on a blog about how dearly women love shoes and how important it is to have loads of them per head. On this post, three out of eight comments were from the wives, who wanted their husbands to know about this fact. Interesting, why should the husbands know that shoes are so essential for their happy wife. Because they are the ones supposed to spend money? But what about the ladies, who are earning well? I guess, even they want their husbands to be somebody, who considers spending on them as a duty.

Howsoever high the lady earns, but there is nothing as gratifying as getting an expensive gift from your husband (or the boy-friend). Diamonds may not be forever, but you give diamond to a lady, before she asks for it, and she'll be yours, forever. Yes... We Love Gifts.. and We Love Expensive Gifts... and We Love It The Most When We Get Them Without Asking!! Trust me, it is an eternal truth, materialism may not get you true love.. but it can certainly enlarge the space you occupy in a woman's heart.

I don't find any odd system out there. For ages, men are supposed to earn and women are supposed to spend, as creatively as possible. How many men would get comfort in the thought of going for shopping during lunch breaks? Or for that matter, how many of them will check out fashion street, religiously to see the new stuff coming over there, or would not feel tired and boring, while doing window shopping, the whole day, or while trying half-a-dozen wonderful dresses, yet not purchasing any of them, because it doesn't click?

We need to accept that women are the ones, who truly appreciate and worship this salvating phenomenon of shopping; and while they shop, somebody has to earn to keep the cycle running.

Also, I have observed that men look at you with suspicion, when you tell them that you are not a shopping freak, they find it abnormal, and in some cases unfeminine also. Somewhere, over so many centuries, they have accepted that wives (or girl-friends) will always demand one or the other thing from them in order to feel better. This may include every thing from clothes, shoes, cosmetics, beauty parlour to kitchen accessories. If they don't do so, then may be somewhere they have yet not accepted you as their man? Which I think is true ,also. How can I fall in love with a man, who denies to buy me a dress because I already have plenty of them. Perhaps, he doesn't realise my worth!

At last, we can end by saying what revolutionary article says, 'times are changing, and so are people's perception'. But I wish that this particular perception remains intact. May God bless men with higher salary and loads of perk, and their wives, the greater ability to look for better stuff, on fixed price. But if in poorest of circumstances, you happen to get somebody, who does not understand this holy logic behind your desire to shop, don't feel bad.. spend on yourself, and on him also. May be someday he'll realise, how useless he has been, till now.