Sunday, October 25, 2009

The ecstasy of being a 7-pointer!

If someone asks me what is one thing that you have learnt the best during your MBA course, then my answer will be Time Management. I think it is better to project MBA as a crash course to prepare you for your next 40 years of your professional life, more than calling it another academic achievement. I guess the mere change is definition will help the students in becoming better managers than some 36 different courses.

People succumb to different kinds of pressures. But the funniest of them all is the pressure of studies. I am seeing how much this MBA pressure can make you to sacrifice - people breaking their relationships; not finding time to talk with their friends and family members; fighting with their group members for deadlines getting over; spending their beautiful days in the restricted closets of book racks in library; feeling jealous of their classmates getting better grades; cribbing about college management, infrastructure and facilities; drinking till they cannot take anymore; and yearning for the placement days to come.

I call this pressure, the funniest, because I never understood what is so big there that makes us die for that? We can learn and understand each and everything completely and as much as any other student in the class does, without getting into the fight for Rank 1. You get a question and you need to write the best possible answer you know for it, but why do we want to write an answer that can make our evaluator feel that no one can write better than us? I know a friend, and I appreciate him very much for being a wonderful human being, one day he told me that in any examination he aims to secure 100% marks, because that marks the excellence he expects from himself. I was impressed, however, I never understood what difference in his understanding of the subject would come, if he scores 99 out of 100. After all, it is the teacher's understanding of the answer sheet that fetches him marks. So does he want to learn for his own satisfaction, or the satisfaction of the evaluator?

Well, this problem is there in every level of our education system. But then I get surprised when I find MBA students living with this mentality. Hey Dude... we are supposed to be the people, who take major decisions in any organisation, people with similar educational backgrounds like ours are changing economies of the world, so giving others a reason to expect something similar from us is definitely a big deal.. and so we need a change in mentality.

I think that the best way to keep yourself eternally happy is to convince yourself to remain a 7-pointer all your life. Why 7-pointer? Well, these many points will offer you the most of the opportunities that 9 pointers get and will save you from being the academic becharas of the group, which 5 or 6 pointers become. And trust me, personal experience, it is not at all difficult to get somewhere in between 7.1 to 7.9. Three weeks in three months is all that it takes. Now imagine, how much more you can do with the remaining 9 weeks. And there is one more advantage of being a 7-pointer - you are never out of energy, so for any random opportunity coming your way, you are more energetic and ready to prepare than the 8/9 pointers, who generally put their mind, body and soul in everything they do and get exhausted pretty soon.

Also, you can watch more films, read more fictions, visit more places, invest more time into your personal life, make more friends, be known more by your faculty, regret less for poor grades since you have studied less and are always very optimistic and positive about your future, because you know that your best has still to come.

And now coming back to the first paragraph.. 7-pointers are better managers also, because in order to keep their fun element alive, they balance the multiple dimensions of their lives very well.. what else does an MBA supposed to teach you?