Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ghost ghost na raha...!!

Got indulged into discussions about ghosts after many many years and realised that these horror stories have still not lost their charm and masala. During tea, this evening, we four friends started with god knows what incident that kept enough of ghostly gossip coming in. Arjun, Manasi and I are converting into perfect nationals as described by Amartya Sen in his book The Argumentative Indians. We argue about any thing under the sun and a lot of times, even we know that we are talking non-sense, yet we continue with the argument. People come, join us, leave us.. but we do not let our desire to win, get affected. Sometimes, the positions for for-and-against get interchanged, but the zeal to argue remains unchanged. I guess, that is what Amartya Sen has tried to elaborate in his book also.

Anyways, coming back to ghosts. Today surprisingly, no body argued over the existence of ghosts. We listened to each others' stories with such a respect as if ghosts are the ultimate realities of life. We started with Ramse (or whatever spelling they have) Brothers and concluded with personal stories, in between covering ZEE horror show, Aahat, Sshh.. Koi hai, 100 days, Darna Mana Hai, real life stories of post mortem houses, kabristans, cemetries etc. Arjun told me, how idiot he was, when he saw a hand hanging from his schools' Auditorium's roof with blood dropping from it and got dead scared. Later, his teachers discovered that some painting work was going on at the roof, using red colour.

Interestingly, Jambu, the only one in our group who can scare others without getting scared by anything, shared that he also got frightened by the sight of somebody. Guess who?? No ghosts, atma, parmatma or anything... but a human being! He saw a guy, all decked up, standing in the balcony at 3:30 AM! Although, he dint see his face, but the sight was enough to keep him disturbed for 4/5 days! And all this happened, when dear Jambu was becoming an engineer.

Well, Manasi did not have many stories, except that she is scared of darkness, which we all girls are and I guess will remain so for the next 100 years. That is feminine. Not getting scared of darkness, cockroaches, lizards, injections, blood etc means not being a woman.

We also talked about some dreams, like Arjun used to see a barking dog running after him or a room full with snakes and he sitting pale in a corner. I also used to see hundreds of dreams with murders, riots, killing.. Jambu and Manasi, here also, did not make any significant contribution. Dream Less people.

Anyways. The group had to be dismissed in 45 minutes, but it was kind of refreshing. I know, these Bhoot-Shoot does not exist and we are too mature to understand the cinematography behind all these movies and serials. But ghosts are a very significant part of any childhood. These are the first few things in our lives, where we get startled with our own imagination. When we force ourselves to choose between what we think, exists and what we know, exists. The first time, when we want to explore the reality and make a decision of what to believe and what not.

I know, every mom and dad would have told this to their child - bhoot, kuch nahi hota. Yeh sab mann ka waham hai. And believing on these lines, we kept that first step into the darkness without holding anybody's hand or survived the first night, when we had to sleep alone in the room, silently seeing our moms switching off the lights and saying goodnight.

It is good that life runs in a circle, when I'll be just forgetting all these ghostly stories, I'll get my own kids to remind me of them and when I'll again reach the verge of that forgetfulness, I'll get my grandkids to keep the madness going.