Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The morning started with a silly sadness in my head. I saw a dream in the night and it did not go the way I wanted such dreams to go and this made me sad. Actually, the sequence of silly sadness had begun from night itself, when I allowed my heart to takeover my brain. I had been telling myself that I am not an emotional person and I do not need any emotional support from anybody. Then all of a sudden, I realised, Gosh! How pleasant life becomes when people care about you. This thought brought forth my emptiness and I am sad since then. Digging my own grave.

I am happy that other things in life are going on a fast pace. Hence, my environment does not allow me to sulk for a long time and by the time, I am back to stillness, I am stoned again.

Yesterday, I had a huge argument with Arjun, regarding the present day expectations from a woman and why ambitious women are bound to face a conflict in their personal and professional lives. I know, it is a hackneyed topic but no one can deny that it is still relevant. Esp, when you come from a conventional family and there is a high possibility of going back to a conventional family, in between of which, you have dreams of your own, which are undigestable to a large proportion of the society you live in.

I must say that Arjun is a bad argumentator. He may be a good speaker with a sound knowledge of a few things. But he really does not know how to argue with genuine and intelligent points. Giving examples of your own household, which no one else but you have seen is something I wont appreciate much. And the biggest problem - he can't take defeat - like most of the men (and women) in the world.


How wonderful life would have become, na, if we knew what exactly we want and we had this ability to willfully chuck off everything that was making us sad. But this does not happen and we have to live with whatever we have and try to live happily also, because that is good for us.

Btw, I am continously chatting and talking and doing all sorts of things, not letting me complete this blog. So, I stop it here only.