Saturday, December 12, 2009

Go to hell!

Is there absolutely nothing that is permanent in nature? No happiness.. or sorrow?? Or the span of our reaction towards an emotion decreases as we get older. I don't know.

Sometimes life seems to be a never-ending drama of one episode after the other, running with a breath-taking speed. Sometimes, small breaks come up and I feel as if everything is settled now.. but then, a few more moments and I find something pushing me again to moov; and I realise that may be keep running is a better option. So, lets run! Rubbish.

What's the purpose of such a life, where you do not have pauses. Where, all the time, you have to keep on proving yourself to somebody.

Honestly, we should not be blaming others for all the mess in our lives. They create this mess, because we let them do so. Why do we give any importance to people; and why do we think that a human being is basically good; and why do we pin hopes that they'll get better, if we continue behaving well with them. I need to ask myself - has this all really happened?

Yes and may be that is why I still want to believe that okay this world is not such a bad place to be in. But, I definitely need to raise the walls, a little more. I have so many small and big dreams to live. I do not have any time for the people, who do not care to understand me. I am not going to allow them to be a spoilt sport in my life. For sure.