Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The problem is not in me or you or him or her.. It is in this air we breathe, the land we walk on.. the dreams we see.. in our aspirations. We are frustrated.. less because of our inability to act.. more because of the ecosystem we exist in.


We express our love to only those, who understand us and satisfy our respective needs. If it does not happen, we do not feel a passion or warmth for them, irrespective of how they are related to us; and this implies even in the case of our own moms, dads and siblings. All human beings are completely selfish. Then, why is it bad to be called selfish? I think selfishness has more meanings than just ignoring the right and comfort of others, while trying to fulfill your wish. And when we acclaim ourselves for the love that we spread, we are just reacting to the immense love that we are getting. It's just a give and take cycle that keeps on rotating and we simply forget, who started it.