Sunday, January 03, 2010

The 1st post of the Year and nothing special about it.

So.. the new year has begun and three days have already passed. However, nothing much seems to change around me, except of people teasing me for my new haircut followed by a new year wish. By change I realise that no remarkable change is going to come in my life.. just because 2009 has become 2010. After all, who cares.. what's the year is. But still, in the joy of welcoming an altogether new year, you wish that may be you'll also get some motivation to clear off the past baggage.

When I was a child, I desperately used to wait for clock to tick 12 midnight on Dec 31. Right after this happens, I would write diary.. with date in a different colour - FRIDAY Jan 1, 2010. It used to be so much fun.. just enjoying writing a different year in the date, since, the rest keeps on repeating every year... year after year. In MBA, not much of any class-work thing is to be done. So you don't even write dates.. thast, if you are taking notes... that, if you are in the class... and that, if there is a class at the first place. And blogs take the place of diary and hence, you really do not have to update the date.


As the course is reaching its completion.. I am missing college, more and more. I know, I was waiting for the college to get over.. and I was frustrated for the monotony and uselessness of being here. But, at the same time, I loved officially being a student. I can start a new blog on how much fun the student status brings in one's life. I wish.. I could remain an official student all my life. Please do not suggest me to keep studying in the same class, year after year. Yeah! I do get such bright suggestions.

Whatever.. I choose to remain happy this year, as I chose to do last year. Also, even if one should not wait for a new year to take resolutions.. I still use this time to resolute to see many many places this year, without waiting for a company and I resolute to do 'First Things First' :)