Monday, January 04, 2010

Faith Vs. Logic

What do you think works more - Faith or Logic? Or, do you really think that you need to completely understand something before you can start believing on it. I do not know the answer, but yes, I am biased towards faith.. and if you ask me what is one thing that exceptionally belongs to India then my answer would be "FAITH". We Indians could believe on anything and everything and this is what makes us special; and this is what gives us the courage to forgive, because somewhere we have the faith that God will give back people what they deserve; and this is what makes us fall in love and carry it forward till the end of our lives, when many of our counterparts in many countries thriving on logic, practicality and rationality can't sustain their relationships even for few years.

What it is, if not faith that when we see a temple in the corner of a street, we simply bow down our head, only for ourselves; or why we still give consent for arranged marriages with people we have never really known; or why we touch our parents feet before going for a feat in life; or why do we want only good things to happen with us, at least on the first day of the year; or why do we tell others to give your best shot in everything you do and leave the rest on the God; or why do we see the row of devotees in Shani Temple increasing manifolds, every Saturday.

I hardly meet people who do not admire the lessons from Bhagwat Geeta that you should do your action and not really get obsessed about the result, irrespective of whether they follow it or not. But isn't the entire concept of Bhagwat Geeta is an emergence of our Faith, or do we really have people to witness the presence of lord Krishna.

And who said that we should not keep faith in our religion. What is a religion, if not a process to get some discipline in your life, while believing that it may take us closer to God. I understand that with a long row of crooks, telling you how to manipulate rituals to get personal benefits, it is obvious to develop a dislike for religion, religious activities, pooja and everything concerned. But, does a wrong portrayal means that the object is equally wrong? And who should take the plunge of finding the truth, if not we, individuals.

I do not find any reason for not believing in everything people talk about - personification of God, avatars, ghosts, kundalis, tantra-mantra etc etc. Trust me, a lot of these things I have personally observed in people. I have seen how people, who know absolutely nothing about you, get to tell you some highly personal details like your relationship with your parents, the colours you like and what all makes you angry, just by seeing your kundali.

Here I'll like to explain an instance. Once I was sitting with a person, who is good in observing kundalis. She, while seeing a guy's horoscope, said that according to the horoscope the person would be caught in a criminal activity, live in a jail for sometime and get entangled into related legalities for a long time. And the other calculations suggest that the thing should have happened by now.. and guess what? Right after she said so, that guy's wife disclosed that this has already happened leading to his health problems for which she had come to ask for a remedy. Now you only tell me, how can anything like that happen??

I personally do not believe in blind faith. I strongly feel that unless and until you get the satisfactory proofs, you should not believe in anything. I like Swami Vivekanand because of this - because he believed in asking questions to anybody and every body without getting afraid of anything. He never really believed that Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa is really a great Saint, till he himself found that through lots of question-answers and counter-arguments. Interestingly, Swami Paramhansa, never felt offended by Vivekananda's quest for truth.

My point here is why should we have a prejudice on whether to believe or not. Not believing on something is always easier than believing. Why should we not explore and then decide what to do? Why to keep a mindset that a particular thing that our country and ancesstors have been following for ages is something that should not be believed on?

What is this kundali people talk so much about? Is it really some science or just a plain drawing that actually tells nothing but has been given a lot of undue attention? Can mantras really change our fate? Lets explore... after all, the one who finds, gets the truth!