Sunday, February 28, 2010

Holi hai :D

Holi is my favourite festival and I like everything about it. The enthusiasm, colours, food, spirit, josh.. just everything.. the feeling, where you can irritate anybody to any extent and then with complete besharmi, announce, "bura na maano, holi hai"!! Holi hai.. toh what???

You can throw me into a tub, where three dozen people have already taken bath?
You can mix bhang to my food?
You can put that purple powder into my hair?
You can paint me white?
You will stand with a hose-pipe on the road, from morning, and throw water on every passer-by?
You will make a coloured cross on every animal, who passes from that street?
You would walk with those dirty foot in the entire house and make the floor - yellow, blue, purple, green and red?
You will make the walls of the house look like a piece of modern art?
You will ruin my morning by planning how to colour me, even before I get up?
You will make me stand in the kitchen the whole day, demanding hot kachouries to be served, everytime you come after colouring spells?
You will go and dance with that dirty and indecent ladaka-log on some rowdy bhojpuri songs?
You will go to different muhallah and challenge other people to come out and respond to your balloon war?
You will search and buy the worst paint in the market, which would not get off before 3 days?

Does this you want to do ... if it is Holi.?

Yess... everything..... e v e r y t h i n g! I love it, after all!