Friday, February 26, 2010

Some from so many...

Sometimes, when you take yourself less seriously, you realise that all other people around you are quite important, at least, in their respective eco-systems. You find that they have their own battles to fight and they are doing it pretty well.. they may not be able to envisage a better India, but they definitely are striving to get themselves a better lifestyle, education and society... at the end.. a more satisfied individual.

While some people are visionaries and some are strategists, these lakhs of unidentified individuals are the silent executors of some great social dreams. If only a visionary can see how to involve them and a strategist could find out the ways to make them understand that their basic necessities in life are directly related to this dream, they could be made a part of any revolution.

A lot of times, these faces look so similar to each other.. all are tired, want to go back home, eat good food, spend sometime with their loved ones, make them understand that they are doing it all only for them, sleep peacefully, need some recognition from society and a relief from their heart that while living their lives only for a few people they did not waste it and they are no less important than people, who have found a bigger purpose to live. They all have stories and they all are important.. Most of the times, if you would try to look deep into their eyes, you would realise that their faces might look strange to you, but they are not so strange also.