Monday, February 22, 2010

Time to get ready...

One more time, I have to pack my world and move to a new destination.. a new world, which would not be more than 50 sq. feet... with a new set of faces looking at me with the hope that I would be a good roommate and would not mess around.. with a new fragrance coming out of a kitchen, waiting for me to get used to of it soon... with a new fussiness about the bathroom... a new address... a new beginning... a new make-yourself-understand-phase that I am a human being and human beings get used to of everything - good or bad.

Sadly, the day has come, when I have to leave college and start searching for a place in the real world... the bad, brutal, demanding and reprimanding world. Am I sounding too negative about it? May be yes... but this transition phase is too painful, at least for me. The thought of being an official student and hence the luxury of living an 'all-for-my-own-self' is very comforting. Now, it is getting snatched away and the time is coming, where no comfort would be bestowed on me, just because daddy has paid tuition, hostel and mess fees. I have to prove myself and have to get ready to take up charges, first hand!

Anyway... can't help it!

So, the world - here comes Cinderella.. you may appear fearful to me, but trust me, you would not win. All these times, I have seen a dream and all the discomfort, I am feeling right now, is only a price I am paying you to reach to that dream.

Get ready...