Thursday, March 25, 2010

The fruits of education

People find it very contradicting, when I say that I hate studies and exams, but at the same time dream about opening my own schools. However, I don't understand, why does it sound so contradicting. In fact, my hatred towards studies is the strongest reason behind my dream, so that students do not have to undergo any kind of torture and they could relish the process of learning. Does it still sound contradictory?

These days, you'll find a lot of people supporting you when you say that our education system is crappy. Some of them have even taken it seriously are trying to bring some difference in the system. I wish there efforts meet their best output. There are certain organisations, which are working for reforms in education system for over a decade. Certain schools are there, which have applied a changed pedagogy, as well. However, I think we need to check how much of that change has helped our kids now.

I had read a report somewhere that in a school near Bhopal, some science books were introduced in class VIII with supposedly better explanation of concepts. Teachers followed those books for some years. Initially, students enjoyed the change, because the new version was easier and more entertaining. But later, when the same students joined other schools, they lagged behind their counterparts studying in those schools from the beginning. The former did not have their concepts clear and many of them were not able to handle the high academic pressure.

I am happy that many educated individuals are fighting for the betterment of ways in which education is imparted in this country. Lets see, how this whole thing turns out to be. I guess, in next five years we would start seeing the results.