Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I choose, not to write a title..

After many days, you open your orkut account and you find that at least 10% of your total friends have added pictures to their accounts. Some of them went abroad on holidays, some of them changed their jobs, some were celebrating festivals, some got married.. happy faces every where... and for some time you feel that except you, everyone else in your friend circle is happy and satisfied. You are the only one, who has not been to any leave for a long time, do not have a office worth featuring on these sites and don't have that kind of fun-loving company. That depresses me at times, do you also feel that social networking sites give you complex?

I wonder, if my acquaintances are enjoying their lives so much, then why no body calls to tell me what is making them so happy. Is that because, I am not included in that happiness.. or they are too busy to call and tell me.. or it's a special kind of happiness called 'Internet happiness', which gets displayed only on facebook and orkut pictures, but not so much on the real life.

I have observed that things never change much.. especially, the recurring ones. My birthday is happening for last so many years.. same with the special days of all other people special to me... valentine's day, women's day, mother's day, Holi, diwali etc etc come every year. Some of my dear friends get married every year, some of my dear ones get blessed with babies every year. Some people, known to me, die every year. But my life has not changed much by any of these. Nothing has changed much in me the way I treat life or the way life treats me.

Sometimes, these days get celebrated in a very joyous way and become memorable for a long time. But then things come back on the track. This kind of life does not interest me. And I am too bored to write even a single extra line. So bye!