Monday, March 15, 2010

News papers have again started writing a lot of stuff about IIM placements. You are an MBA or not... but the humongous figures these guys get, definitely startle you. The mere thought that what do they do with these Rs 75 lakh or Rs 1.6 crore packages, drags you in a wild world.. where, for an instance, you think that this could be the ultimate life, one could imagine. Awesome. You forget the endless number of sayings, which say that money can't buy everything and etc etc. What all comes to your mind is... they are intelligent people and they have got their worth and their lives are now going to be cakewalks... I wish, I too had a similar life.. what luxury would be there, which I would not be able to afford... I would be seeing the world.. staying in best hotels, travelling in superbly comfortable vehicles.. buying all the things, I have ever wanted for myself or my family and friends, without looking at the price-tag.. I would have all the money to help people.. to change destinies.. to be a master of myself.

I don't know what feeling comes to the mind of people, who get such packages.. but yes for their counterparts, studying in the colleges, which seem to have burgeoned like a mushroom crop, they sure are one hell of an imagination. The Alchemist says that one who has money is never really alone. It is very true also. But I seriously want to know.. how much difference money could bring to a person's life?

And what really brings difference to a person's life?

Isn't all people absolutely same at one point.. irrespective of their abilities. They all have exactly the same good and bad elements and they keep on displaying it all through their lives.. wherever they are and how much they earn. They all... die for their families.. want to fall in love.. fail to understand people... break hearts.. are full of ego.. are used to of ignoring people, who love them.. get tired of money, whatever they are earning.. are never really content... always have loads of friends, but very few real friends.. have materialistic behaviour of various degrees... can't really change their nature.. hate their bosses.. never think that they get the true worth of their efforts.. have big and small dreams... rarely do the things, they should really be doing... give more priority to their brains than hearts..feel lonely at times... don't feel the necessity to express their emotions...

Aren't these things found in each and every individual... then why they all look so different? I wish I could have found that reasons, that bring difference to my life at least.