Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sometimes, I find it so difficult to adjust with mindsets. As if people have decided to think about or do certain things, that according to me do not make sense. For example, if I would say, please keep this particular information to yourself, they'll definitely tell it to everyone; if I would say, this is one thing I do not like in you, they'll keep repeating that in front of me. This makes me think.. what is the problem. Am I not able to communicate myself properly, or its that at some point of times, we all become assholes. I am sorry for using a bad word, here. But I could not think about any other word right now that could describe the idiocy in people I am talking about. Idiocy, not in terms of brain-usage, but in being completely irrational, stubborn and unreasonable.

I am sure.. I too would have done the same, at some point of time and I never realised it that I am being such an idiot. May be I should not blame people for this peculiar behaviour. It is human nature... As involuntary and abruptly appearing as envy, jealousy, pride and ego. We never accept that we have that... but everyone around us knows that it is overflowing in us. How ignorant we are towards our own selves. Its horrible to think that way. Imagine, somebody used that same bad word for me for some reason at some point of time; and I think I never did that what other people do. Ignorance, bringing me real bliss.

Anyway. This self-realisation does not grant people the right to be irrational, stubborn and unreasonable. I can try to better.. but so should be others.