Thursday, May 20, 2010

A page from my diary

It feels good... very good. As if I just opened my hands and found a lovely purple butterfly. I don't know, why mornings have become so fresh all of a sudden and why I so much wait for another day to begin. Do I sound very happy!!! Naaa... nothing as such has happened, which qualifies to make me very happy... But yeah!! I have got a lot of small small reasons, to make me believe that I could attract happiness and innumerable reasons to keep laughing.

Laughing, reminds me of hysterical sessions in office. I am sure, my trainer thinks that I have got some screws loose in my head and I think, he's not completely wrong. Sometimes the jokes are really not that great.. but I still feel like splitting into pieces.. thanks to the incredibly large datebase of PJs I have in my head. In fact, for every occasion, I have one joke ready there in my mind to laugh... and keep people boggle over, what the hell is happening.

So, coming back to the reasons for happiness. I think Yoga should be given at least some amount of credit. Getting up early in the morning.. seeing the Sun rising and inhaling that fresh air in a proper fashion, certainly makes you feel that you care for yourself. Healthy body indeed leads to healthy mind. Sadly, I got cold and last four days have passes with a lot of sneezing, coughing and fever.. but I am fine now :)

Then I have a nice roommate, who inspires me to be good to everyone, because she herself is very cool minded and easy going. Lets be simple!!! I think it is a very good mantra to follow... makes life very less complicated. I know it is very difficult to act simple. More so, because, most of the times, we are mistaken as stupid by others and howsomuch you try to avoid this but what others think about us, does mean a lot. But, may be a regular dose of "be simple.. be simple" could help. I am trying that lets see.. if it works :)

So.. getting early results into .. getting ready on time, reaching bus stop on time.. taking proper breakfast.. no hurriedness.. no forgetting something.. no coming back.. easy walk to the colony gate... and peace of mind, which remains with you throughout the day :)

Then you reach office and you know that you have some really funny colleagues, it reduces your burden of working. And although the work is superbly monotonous and only comforting thought is that I have yet not got used to of it. I wish, all the time I am there.. I keep these jhalle colleagues, close by :)

And then I come back from office... walking.. watching people watering their plants, small kids flocking around ice-cream vendors, children taking out their bicycles.. old aunties waiting for the traffic to halt so that they can cross the road.. big cars, playing Hariyanavi songs.. some cheapsters staring at you... and then I stop at one of the several shops I get on my way, just to buy at least something everyday.. most of the times, it is some eatable, but at other times, it could be a pen.. or a nail paint.. or when it is nothing... it has to be gol-gappe. I love gol-gappe!! :)

And then the evenings have to be spent in the park opposite to my hostel... usually an hour.. just sitting there and seeing people enjoying time with their spouse, kids or parents. It feels good to see so many people smiling at one place. They may not be happy all the time, but I am sure that smile wont be fake. And then I come back.. for my daily chores.. talking to mom... a small pooja session.. and an early to bed kinda sleep. I wait for another day to begin... because there is so much needed to be done and I could not wait for all that to happen.

Sometimes, when I am about to sleep.. I feel as if I am falling in love, once again... this time to myself :)