Monday, June 28, 2010

Two from so many...

Yes, people do become what they never were. May be the basic nature, remains as it is, but their behaviour does change. I too feel a change in my behaviour... or to put in right words,now I find myself capable of hurting people without actually being bothered what about he or she would feel. In general, if you ask somebody, they would surely give me a decent bhashan over why I should not think like this. But somewhere, I know, it was really important for me to develop this power in order to protect myself from becoming the victim, again and again. And if you ask me truly, being a stone-hearted person and knowing that you are stone-hearted feels far more better than knowing that your life is getting screwed up because of somebody else and you can't do anything about it.

Interesting, it feels!! When I am good, I am good, when I am bad, I am better.

I have recently become mausi of a princess. My first reason to join the gang of aunts. Never mind... by the time, she would learn to speak enough to call me an aunt, I would actually become one. So, immediately after she was born I named her 'Picnic'. This is an exclusive name that I have coined for her and I wont mind if her parents use the same nickname. But, even if she gets a decent (read complex and stylish) name, I am still gonna call her Picnic. There are two reasons for this, first I love her a lot and second, I love this name a lot. I remember, I was very small, when a very peppy Bengali girl had this name in some TV serial. Since then, Picnic is resonating in my mind. I tried to cajole my parents to call me Picnic, but they didnot like the idea and after that I am waiting for my own daughter to come so that I could name her Picnic. But, now that I know my own daughter is taking too much of time and I already got somebody no less important than her...I think I could christen her with this much cherished name.

However, the reaction of people towards this name is not very encouraging. They make a funny face, when I tell them about Picnic, and feel sorry for the baby girl, who would have to bear the curse of her mausi's craziness throughout her life. But, it really does not bother me. Because I know that when she will be a big and wise girl, she will love me for calling her with a name that all the time radiates so much fun, joy and independence. She is going to be liked by all, because who doesnt like Picnic??