Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Media in the mud!!

I think I have the right, just as anyone else, who pays taxes and follows laws and go out in sun to vote, to to feel angry, ask questions and rue people, who think I should not be feeling like that. What the hell, these bloody politicians think they are... and what the hell these terrible media people think we are?

Sushma Swaraj goes for some goddamn reason to Rajghat and dances there. So? Now, if Tushar Gandhi thinks that BJP distributed sweets when Gandhi ji got assassinated; hence, BJP leaders mocking the serenity of this place is no surprise... let him think so. Swaraj's dance, from Rajghat to a Discotheque, hardly changes any thing in my life. And so is the opinion made by a Congressman or any other politician, who according to my limited knowledge of Indian Politics are all ek hi thaali ke chatte batte. What do they think.... Congress is more corrupt...or is so the BJP.. or shall we look into the details of SP, BSP, DMK, AIDMK, CPI(M)... or the likewise.

Now, Ramdev Baba has to join the bandwagon. After all, he mustn't have left the golden chance to politicise his social standing and the huge fan following, which was well displayed by the gathering of 80,000 people during his fast. Corruption hasn't come today or tomorrow.. it was there during the lives and times of Ramdev Baba's great grandfather and if he thinks an army of 11,000 men could remove corruption, then he must consult the 5-years old son of my neighbour, who perhaps would come up with a more creative solution to remove it. You are corrupt and I am corrupt and so is he and she... now, how do you suppose, just a government made by all these, I, me and myself figures could remove it. Corruption is I guess as old an issue as the integrity in mankind and I guess rather than coming up with weird, irresponsible and controversial solutions like Youth Army, he must keep his focus on delivering Yoga gyan. After all, a healthy mind lies in a health body... and a healthy mind is less prone to be corrupt.

In all this fiasco, I think the biggest loser has been Anna Hazare, who not only fasted so sincerely, lost few pounds, finally cajoled government to listen to him and eventually... got nothing. In fact, Hazare Sa'ab has not even succeeded in even gathering the fan following in the lines of Ramdev. Interestingly, we could not find half-a-dozen intelligent people with good political and administrative presence of mind that could help the government to frame a policy, which even if does not eradicate 100% corruption from our system, but still could cure 40% of it. Seriously, this is what we truly call - bullshitting!

But I am not feeling angry because politicians are doing this.. after all, clowns do circus. The origin of my anger is media and its supposedly responsible attitude that it claims to have achieved in the world's largest democracy.

Hasn't media yet got the sense to evaluate the significance and seriousness of a news-item? May be not... but not when it asks for all the freedom of expression and claims to rightly deserve it. Who in this world would dedicate one hour of prime time to discuss what the congress and civil society thinks of Sushma's dance with 6 well-known TV bugs (read panelists) to actually discuss it! And that is not enough! In their attempt to expose the truth behind the curtains, media is doing exactly what the politicians want them to do - gain popularity, publicity and fans. There is absolutely no need to expand and over discuss every statement made in politics, especially because for past many decades we have been seeing the sincerity with which these attention seeking statements are made. Then why so much of lime-light to them? Can't we just ignore such incidents, so that the doers get the clear message that no such things would be propagated. Surely enough, we do not lack sensible news-stories, which truly deserves people's attention.

Media has got such a huge investigative machinery... can't it just put it into use and pay little sincerity for the people it claims to live for - the viewers! What was my crime? Why did I have to go through all this thought process and feel angry about Indian politicians, whom I anyway find worthless? Just because I switched on a news channel to find out what is going on in this world! And because I trusted a news channel to apprise me of happenings that are worth my time and attention. Now if I feel cheated for being fed with unworthy news, I could might just switch off the TV, since switching off the channels does not bring any relief at all. But while doing so, I ask myself.... who is the culprit and who is the watch-dog? Or haven't they both become one - playing in each other's hands - at my cost - and at the cost of the trust, I once posed on them because they claimed to deserve it!