Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Sometimes, you have pictured the whole narration in your mind and nothing of it happens. Every dialogue, every answer to every prospective question... every argument and your stand on that... every possible result that could come of it... over and over again.. AND then nothing happens. The question that you are so much waiting for, never gets popped.. the argument never starts.. the victory never happens... and you are left exhausted, tired and confused with your own imagination.

How often it has happened with you that you appear as being in a thought, but in actual are not thinking anything! I really envy people, who could free their minds from thinking something, at least for a while. With myself, I could not recall even a single moment in my entire lifetime, where I was not thinking about something. While being in a state of action, mostly it happens that I am thinking of two things - one, about what I am doing and second, about something absolutely random! I am so tired of thinking now... it has drained me more than it has helped me. But I do not know what is the way out?