Monday, August 08, 2011

In the name of Friend-sheeps!!

So, after several years of knowing that first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship Day, this year, I finally wished my friends, sent sms and actually remembered the time we spent. I don't know if that sounds like an advancement of networking or depletion of my sentiments, but I felt like using this day to thank a few people, who although always remain there in my thoughts and memories, but I somehow, just do not get enough time to call them up and ask, whats up???

I think there are two types of people in the world. One, who just love their family... all their strengths and source of courage lies within their family; if their family is there, they would virtually not need anything more. Two, people, who love their family quite a lot, but depend on friends; this type of people remain hungry and senti for friends all their life; they get good friends and bad friends, and even though, they too love their family really really hard, they still feel that they can do anything in life, if they have their right set of friends surrounding them. Type one cannot understand type two's psyche and so is vice versa.

I fall in type 2.

I could say, I was born with this special ability to create friendships. Due to childhood amnesia, I couldn't recall, but I would have made friends with other infants, taken birth close to my timings. None of my parents are extrovert in nature and so is my brother. In fact, everyone in my family takes a lot of time to get open with anyone. So, when they found me, coming with a new best friend, everyweek, they did not understand me. Even to this day, I hardly find people who could understand how I could have a dozen best, three-four dozen close, and over ten dozen good friends.

I can say, I do friendship based on my instincts. There are certain things, none of my friends would ever have. I hate lies, false attitude, foul language and manipulation; and hence any one having any of these raw qualities never comes close to me beyond a certain point. In fact, sometimes the intensity of my repulsion towards certain people wonders me also.

Other than these, the band of tolerance is really wide and hence a lot of people qualify to get in. Once I feel that the person is valid to get into that band, a relationship starts. The span of relationship definitely depends on a lot other things, but yes it "clicks". Now, depending upon trust, mutual willingness, and most importantly my feeling out of the whole thing, the "clickable acquaintance" might grow to be my good, close, or best friend!

Whenever I see someone saying that he or she has got 2/3 friends, I wonder! What did they do with the rest of the people they met? Since, among all the people I ever met in my life, most were worth making friends!

Today, life has become too occupied and I do not feel energetic as earlier, so I am not in touch with most of these friends. But they still are there and that's a comforting thought. May be some would have forgotten me, but there are still many friends, who would just come out of the blue, to cheer me up, when I would really really need them.

And to all those buddies - "Happy Friendship Day".