Monday, August 01, 2011

Traffic woes...

I am somebody who keeps huge hopes with mornings. Even if the previous day or the night has been disaster, I still believe that every morning comes with an option of starting your day and in some instances the rest of your life, afresh! And hence, I try to welcome it in my most cheerful mood. But, then not necessarily the world around you feels the same. For other people, mornings have other meanings! And many of them, do not find them so encouraging! The cool of these holy hours does not get into the heads of several folks.

So, like always, today also I greeted the day with same enthu, got up the same way, gave a few glances outside my balcony, prepared tiffin boxes and breakfast, hurriedly got ready for the office and left my house. Now the city in which I live has many good things, but there are not much traffic considerations for pedestrians. There are no sidewalks or footpaths or over-bridges to go from one side of the road to other. Though, there are zebra crossings on a few roads, but then obviously, you need some civic sense to understand that zebra crossings are more than a piece of art on road.

Now, walking is not a sin but people on wheels do not realise this. More are your number of wheels, more is your dad's authority on road, that is how it works. Most of the times, I have to wait for more than 10 minutes, before I could find a reasonable vehicle less patch to cross 4-5 m of road and make a step forward. And even if someone (esp. four wheelers) finds you crossing the road, instead of slowing down, he would speed up their vehicle and also throw off their headlight on your face, making it clear that you dare crossing the road before they leave and you would be under their car!! Hopeless!! Traffic in every city is bad... drivers are always ruthless... and everyone walking on road has always a high chance to get hit.. but what is worse in this city is apathy from the administration and sometimes people also. Anyway!

And why am I writing this today has no specific reason, except that a motorcycle guy just came behind me and lost his balance, falling on me and hitting my back terribly. He was driving on the wrong side and there was a little water logging on the side of the road, which he did not realise and hence fell the moment he stepped on that soggy platform. The motorcycle handle hit my lower back.

More terribly, the guy did not have even an iota of guilt for what he had just done! I looked at him wanting to know what is happening... and he gave me a "get out of my way" look. Although, he looked a little scared also thinking that I might start collecting people and then he would be in problem.. so perhaps, he tried to intimidate me with his look. However, he knew that he was on the wrong side and would surely get caught for that.. so obviously did not want to continue this for longer.

I do not know what should I have done? For some milliseconds, I thought that I should immediately slap this guy or at least hit him.. but since I have never slapped anyone, my hand dint act. I thought of collecting people and shouting for help.. but then I was getting late for the office, and did not want to spoil my day and waste my energy, even more. More than his act of hitting me, I was angry for the way he reacted... No expression of apology!!! Okay, we all break traffic rules.. we also sometimes, lightly hit people... but then, what was that guy thinking that at time, while staring at me. I never come on road thinking that someone else will ever do anything for me. My protection is solely my responsibility! But then what the hell, you think when you come on road? Somewhere on some other road, your mother , sister, wife, or daughter would be doing the same thing!

A feeling of disbelief and sadness plunged in, for how fast people are turning apathetic and in-genuine. I also want to be the first one in everything I do, but then can I ever become so emotionless that I would shamelessly drag people behind and would never feel sorry about that?

I don't know.. but I never want to be!