Monday, October 17, 2011

Ahoy Chick! ..who pays your bills?

Saw Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, last night and did not like it much. Not even Katrina looked that distractible beautiful, as she appears to be in so many other movies, where you just watch her, being oblivious to her acting skills. She was loud and so was the movie!

A crass explanation of movie is that a guy tries finding a really cool and awesome wife for his elder bro and eventually falls in love with her for her awesomeness and vice-versa and finally the duo gets each other. Now there could be many ways to show one concept and MBKD did it really ugly. Anyway! The post is not a movie review, but for our hunt for the awesomeness that we have started seeking in girls these days!

Katrina was introduced as a rock-star, with a guitar hanging down her shoulder all the time, wearing hot pants and junk jewellery, piercing and tattoos at all possible body locations, extremely outrageous and outgoing, fearless, ready to try anything and everything new that comes her way, very flexible to her moral values that allow her to nestle around, drink, or smoke with all the guys she wants.. but yes, not sleeping around with people.. or crossing the ‘limits’, intelligent and somebody who could smartly tackle all the situations with her flashy smile and brainy head!

So, a girl like this is invariably going to attract any human being. After all, who does not get fascinated by people who are just so super cool.. not getting bothered about what the world thinks about them.. after all they are the pros, they define their fashion statements, they are the ones who make choices… who are free and liberated in true sense.. if they think smoking beedi is cool, they do that… if they think that by getting drunk they let themselves be themselves… they do that too!

And then?

Then nothing.. they come home late at night in big cars, go straight to their rooms without any staring or question-ogling eyes and fall flat on bed, just to get up next afternoon and finding that they are still getting brunch and loving smiles from the people who are supposedly family because they are sharing same house. How come world for some people go like that?

Who sponsors these fashionistas? Don’t they have to worry about their career, which definitely has to be made in a certain age-bracket or burning mid night oil to get into best possible institutions of their choice? Don’t these people have caring mothers who do not go to bed, till kids have reached home? And don’t they have to answer dads when their credit card bills have shot the roofs?

I don’t know. All such cool chicks that I have around me are too rich to bother about shaping careers or making efforts for that. They are extroverts, charming, full of attitude, very good in talking and can blah blah all day long about how life could be made fun. They have weird and bold career dreams that are full of purpose, things like starting a rock band, becoming a travelogue writer, social worker or something else. They are poor in money matters and many do not even know basic details of personal finance management. They have no rules in particular and parents are always there to support them, even if many times, instead of providing them support they should have been left alone to clear off their self-created mess.

And then you find that there are some, who are hardworking and disciplined, but relatively less charming and scarcely loud or self-obsessed. But then these are not called chicks! These are called girls and poor girls often do not get noticed. Their bosses love their work, but often forget them when counting fun elements in the team. To put straight, they just do not have the thunder of above category!

I feel sad for this slightly neglected second genre of chicks. Can’t say what they should do in order to steal the charm that rightly belongs to them, because the glitter of real chick world is really not that easy to be duplicated. And when you live in a world that works on one simple funda of ‘sell to survive’, silent efforts towards self-development do not give short-term returns.

But then thankfully, the world runs on wonderful thing called Hope.. a hope that at some point of time ‘substantial’ gets its meaning and these ‘girls’ find people who understand it. And when people say I want to be myself, they know what they really are!