Friday, October 21, 2011

Random thoughts

My canteen boy has such a harmless and innocent face? Somehow, every time I look at him, a prayer comes out of my heart that he remain happy always. Why is it so? I guess, somewhere it reminds me of my brother’s face, when he was working in Delhi and had gone really weak and pale.

I know I am not the healthiest person in the world; but I find it so irritating and difficult to tolerate the freaking voice of “ooh..”, “..aah..”, people keep making in order to tell the world that they are sick! I think that’s really sick! Why don’t people feel healthy from inside? What is so glorifying in telling people about your ailments? It only shows your weaknesses! And why do you deserve any attention or favour from me for this, until and unless I am responsible for any of your bodily disorders? Go to doctor, get treated, and feel sound! Please!

It’s almost 11 months now that I am tolerating my so-called cook and her extreme lethargy towards work. She disappears for weeks, seldom cooks food that appears to be correct without any nudging from my side, is highly callous and is always lying and making false excuses. Still, she is working in my kitchen, whenever she wants. I could chuck her off any day I want and the story will end. A lot of times, I even almost did that. But almost never became absolute and I am still making tea and chapati for her, everyday. I used to wonder why my husband has not fired her in last four years! I guess, I understand it now.

Some of your habits irritate me terribly at times. The times, when I just want to believe that you do not belong to me and I am just independent of any mess that you create. But I cannot detach myself from your ecosystem like that, because it is so hard to turn off my face when I see you burning in your self-created fire. Call it love or call it concern, I want to help you and stop you from hurting yourself any more, even if you think otherwise.

She is sure that all the dreams that she is sacrificing now would rise again from their own ashes one day. She also knows that the only reason, why these dreams are getting sacrificed right now, is she herself! Why to pass the buck and why to blame anyone else? Patience is the key and right now and for pretty long in future, what all she intends to do is to remain patient!

May be you have great, weird, crowd-attracting ideas.. the fact is presently, you stand on ground zero; lacking all the focus in life and soon the people, appearing so fascinated by your charming bombast, would leave you with your pretentions. The sooner you learn to swim, the better for you! Those who last long are the ones who act!

One last thought, a gtalk status message I liked: All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” - Henry Ellis