Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why is everyone sad?

You get up in morning, walk on footpaths, and reach wherever you want to go, watch colleagues, beggars, vendors, other commuters, or even the most exciting faces on roads – why does everyone look innately sad? As if we are just walking, on our own tunes, unattached to world to our own degrees, living to just get through the daily chores of life.

Are we supposed to be sad on a permanent basis and feel happy circumstantially, although philosophically it is supposed to be other way round. Why is ‘general’ sadness becoming a part of life? The instances of happiness and laughter are getting linked to reasons, which are getting bigger and intricate. And when none of these reasons exist, the by-default condition of sadness prevails.

The worries of career, family, marriage, kids, finances, dying dreams and interests, have become taller and heavier than the charm of ‘just’ living. In fact, when you talk to ‘worldly-sensible’ people about carefree living, they look at you with disbelief, being certain that you exist on ground zero and your philosophy is totally non-practical and un-executable. After all, all these years of struggle, cut throat competition, compromises, adjustments, exasperating expectations, what else would be left in a person.

I think problem lies with two facts – first we feel that we deserve too much; second, we become ‘used-to’ of things too soon.

We crack good jobs, feel elated and high – then after a little while, the job becomes a pain! We know we can’t leave it, so continuing remains the only option – followed by perpetual unhappiness. Similarly, we get into relationship with best buddies possible. The relationship begins because we have really liked him or her. Then we get used to of goodness and negativities, which are anyway present in every single human being, start looking more noticeable. Everyday conflicts overcome the desire to stay together and people either separate or keep fighting.

And then expectations – huge and scary! We, the prince and princess of our cosmos, find the rest of the world too less knowledgeable and wise that we are left with no other option than to preach! It comes as such a genuine need that we often could not notice that we are not the mind-masters and there’s so much left to be grasped from the ones, who appear to be a little less mortal than us.

Why always what I say, what I do and what I plan are at least slightly better than what you say, do, or plan! I am sure, we all have an answer for this question and it would be same – because I am the best, or at least better!

Whatever! But this entire tussle leaves you lonely in your dreamy world and people might not acknowledge this loneliness, but it surely hits them somewhere; or why else we all want to go high for some time and forget past, present, and future.

The general sadness of our attitudes has become such an intrinsic part of our lives that we seldom notice it most of the times. We have laptops, TVs, late night parties, online friends and so much blah blah that perhaps we do not even need to bother about this perpetual sadness, till someday we actually notice a beautiful face and find that it has all the embellishments possible, except the most essential and easiest one – smile!