Friday, November 11, 2011

Pain is good..

... because it makes you strong and fills your imagination with beauty…

The best creations in arts are also the extension of some painful thoughts. There would not be many magnum opus coming out of lavish living rooms and satisfied hearts! Pain takes you on the road to beauty and that is such an oxymoron. However, it is difficult to identify the difference in colours, when all you can see is black. But those who could do that definitely travel to such imaginative realms, where the reason for pain subsides and ordeal to deal with it begins.

Pain brings drama in life, the element that makes you feel special about yourself; making you your own hero. It elates your unconscious you, making you feel that you have the ability to deal with ‘it’. The imaginary picture of fighting with your own woes makes you a warrior before your sub-conscious mind, even if your conscious is feeling like a loser. This conflict of your two strong handles starts a journey that takes your thoughts on uncharted territories and you come out with ideas that you never realized existed in this very body before; and then come out excellent forms of arts, painted with bleeding hearts, decorated with broken dreams.