Thursday, June 07, 2012

For the word 'F'.

Like all the so called good, cultured, humble girls.. I too had a notion that ‘Fuck’ is a bad word and it must never be used. But after living three decades of life, I have eventually understood the beauty behind this word. 

It is like African women. The amativeness behind females of this particular gene combination is not comprehended by everyone. The out of proportion curves do not appeal to every individual. But to those they do, they know how blissful it is to watch the graceful saltation of that far from slim waistline tiptoeing on the rhythm of universe and a part of it, her own body. Same with the word ‘FUCK’! 

The healing power of this word is magical, especially if it has not become a part of your daily vocabulary. When used at right times and for right people, this word provides you instant nirvana. The effect of middle finger is beyond momentary expression in a situation of conflict. It is far spiritual than just being a cuss word. It takes you to the ground where all self-development workshops claim you to take, the ground of confidence, positivity, and strength to move on. You cannot hurt a person more than by hurting his very attitude; and this word detonates that mountainous attitude with a molehill. 

The moment you get the wisdom to understand situations demanding the usage of this word, and the courage to use it, you take yourself out from a huge mess that life and your actions have planned for you. You start saving your energy for right things, because now you have space and poise to find out which ones are right things. And most importantly, you do not have to say this word from your mouth.... saying it from your head and heart does the task, intensifying the inconceivable damaging power of silence in some situations.

There are many swear words, but even the worst ones do not make you fell unburdened and light. Even the ones with the dirtiest of meanings do not give you the solace and comfort of moving on, starting a fresh and the sense of detachment.

The moment your head says “You Know What! Fuck You”, your heart stops bothering for what is said and what more might be said. An aura of conscience stillness shields you protecting your soul from getting hurt. The very people who were pouring the unbearable mental torture become mute objects of annoyance – self annoyance! You know that the time has come when you have to stop caring about them.. so much to the extent that you do not even want to fight. You understand that you have to detach yourself form this. And you know that you can very well do that because you just know that.

Just imagine, how many minutes, hours, days, tears, pains you would have saved if you had just used this word where it was required. Had just said “FUCK YOU” and had moved on...

FUCK all the people who never listened or trusted you.
FUCK all the people who underestimated you.
FUCK all the people who dismissed your love and emotions.
FUCK the circumstances, failures, heart breaks, sorrow and sadness.

FUCK is the silent and the biggest weapon; we keep deep in our hearts. The weapon of eventually believing that we are what we think we are and no one but we will decide what we want and what we must get. A weapon that opens our doors to ourselves. A weapon, which ends the wars. A weapon to be used against the best of our enemies – the worst of our friends.