Friday, June 15, 2012

Mommy's diary

We all know a baby changes your life, but how much... you never come to know until you have one! And when you get one, you just stop keeping the track of how much your life is changing every minute. 

It’s a cliché to say that babies are God’s biggest blessings and I truly feel sorry for those, who don’t want to have babies. But the baby with itself brings a new dictionary of virtues. It is when you become a mother, you realise the logic behind all the fuss about moral values. 

When that little soul struggles to keep her awake in your arms while you are doing everything to make her sleep, you realise why you should be patient. 

When you shout at her after hours of inconsequential consoling and she chuckles thinking that mom is talking loud to her, you realise what is innocence. 

When you see that the activity dearest to her is putting everything in her mouth, you simply agree that cleanliness is next to godliness, and your mom was right in chiding you for your untidy room. 

When she starts eating and you want her to taste so many things in the world, you realise that you must cook and you must cook everything possible to enhance her palatable experience.

When she wets herself all over and is seconds away from putting that hand in her mouth, you know laziness could not remain in your den anymore. 

Multitasking gets the real meaning, when she is in kitchen with you and while your hands are working on kitchen table, your eyes are constantly following her. 

You want to be polite, humble and truthful, because you know she would learn from what you will do. And ordinary mothers do not raise extra-ordinary children.

You start reading all those bed time stories, because days are not far when she would be big enough to be told about her parents, their parents, her city, her country, about fairies and freedom fighters, and Alice and Harry Potter, and Panchtantra and Amar Chitra Katha.

I just don’t know why we love kids, and especially our own kids, so madly! No love takes the place of love of mothers for their children. These miniature human beings are more than just being super duper adorable.. they absolutely win your heart with their babble... take you so for granted.. keep you busy throughout the day while they just roam around... and do nothing the way you want.. yet yet yet... with every smile they melt your heart away.. their cherub cheeks make you crazy enough to keep them kissing all day... you so much love them... that even when they are crying on top of their head.. you still love them. What is this insanity? Whatever it is.. it is divine!