Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Reading – about Cancer, Culture, Stephen Covey and Sex!

My reading has come into full throttle now. Since May, I have read almost 11 books. The best thing is I have regained my reading speed, which was going down. See, practice is the key for every single thing. Among all the books, I read these days, two have become special. First, ‘The Emperor of All Maladies – A Biography of Cancer’ by Siddharth Mukherjee; what a Book! The writing is so informative, interesting and lucid that there are chances that you might fall in love with Cancer, just as I did. My special special and too special appreciation and respect for all the great souls who have burnt their midnight oil to find reasons and cures for this disease. The book proves that ‘Anyone can Write’..anyone, even a doctor whose major chunk of life is spent in fighting a deadly disease and gifting his patients a few more breaths. Such beauty! Second, and a biased liking for one of my fav writers, Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho; the book talks about the life of a woman from a small town in Brazil, who comes to Switzerland for some meaningful business but finds that the promises made to her were all hollow. Strong, as PC’s protagonists are, she decides to make meaning out of this life and go back to her hometown only with loads of money, wisdom and success. Circumstantially, she decides to take up prostitution as the mode of earning, but knowing how not to let it influence her dreams.  Her observations and desire to surrender before life, makes her experience things, she had never imagined.  I like the growth of her character.. the way her introspections enlighten and make her aware of her own life and reasons behind it. Obviously, it doesn’t stand anywhere before The Alchemist, if looked for the elements of dream-fulfilment. While Santiago was curious, innocent and persevering, Maria appears more to be definitive and sometimes even bull-headed, confused and lonely! But after all, these are two different people in two different worlds! It’s a typical PC novel and if it doesn’t delight, it doesn’t disappoint either.

Sins that cost me dear!

Generally speaking, Girls like splurging more than guys! It’s not a revelation to the world, but to myself.. as I look for reasons to understand my quench for online shopping. Books, handbags, shoes, dresses, perfumes, home decor.. There is just ‘the thing’, I have always wanted and on top of it, I have the facility to buy it – financially, technologically and mentally. So, my online shopping bills are going higher and higher with my being wishfully oblivious to it. But all good things must end and it is time for me to take a break from this hasty buying spree. All my life till now, I had things little less than what I needed ideally and my life went pretty well. Now I have plenty of clothes, shoes and bags, waiting to get their tags removed. I haven’t used them yet, though while buying they looked so urgent and essential for my life. I feel that just is more beautiful than plenty, it leaves you longing for more. You are left with ample moments to savour what you have. But at the same time, my previous attitude was not all correct also. While you must be reasonable and economical in your approach, you must also pamper yourself. Calculated splurging is really required to make life colourful. I really do not see that a great value in ‘I-am-too-busy-to-take-care-of-myself’ concept. In fact, it seems to be given an overrating by behenjis with nice-brains-but-no-fashion-sense. I admire females, who are purpose conscious, manage a social image and look wonderful!