Thursday, October 18, 2012

Beyond horizon, there's a world, where everyone is too busy to notice my existence and make opinions or pass judgement about me. That is the world, I am heading to. 

It might exist in reality or my dreams or even better, my head. But it does exist. And though reaching there seems to be like a task as easy as blinking, I feel that I am taking too much time. Or maybe, the problem is not about discovering that world, but about staying there. Yes so many times I get this feeling of déjà vu when I am thinking about that world; it’s just that I do not consciously remember staying there.

And when I reach there, I'll own some land and build a house there, I have yet to finalise, who all will be invited to join me. For sure, the names will be few; since, I am not afraid of loneliness anymore. 

All the people, who will be invited, will be greeted very well, though I’ll make sure that no one stays there for long, because I do not want to get used to of anything not even love. I want to feel the brightness of the day ending, and darkness surrendering before dawn, every day. 

Memories make life complicated but they are still necessary. What about a room completely dedicated to memories, like a huge Cinema Hall with personal catalogue, reeling every pleasant and unpleasant scene of life? Yes, I would keep the unpleasant scenes as well, since sometimes I might need them to validate my need of this separate world.

And I am not sure if I need a Sun or a Moon there, but more or less all default elements of this world are welcomed there as long as they do not interfere with my obliviousness. Yes, and when I say elements by default, I exclude people. All of them.