Monday, November 26, 2012

It never changes much!

Who says life changes? Even earlier were there people who loved rains, even today there are. The only difference is, earlier we were the ones splashing water on others, now someone else dabs it on us.

Even earlier children were lovely, innocent and innocuous. Even now they are. Earlier it took them many years to turn into adults, now they take few.

Competition was always fierce … then, now, ever. People were always dissatisfied. We always wondered how some people reached to the top, while some just life aside. 

Money was always priced; values, underestimated; pleasures, unaffordable; and happiness, desired.

There used to be suicides, murders, rapes and thefts – there still are. Earlier it always happened to other people, now it happens to many we know. 

The night is still the night, even with artificial light. And there are still things that money cannot buy. 

Love is still most wanted, though we may not have the patience to wait, and bad is still not wanted, even if being good is hard to behave. 

Life really doesn’t change as much as changes our places in life. As victims, survivors, losers, winners, beggars or spectators, we see the different side of the same plight. 

Perhaps, most of the times, we get old and are impelled to move to the next level, enforced to live life the different way - to consciously live with the fact of being unable to go back – to watch, crib, cry, sulk, shout, shut up or move on – to choose.

Life really does not change.. nor do we. Only time does.