Thursday, January 03, 2013

In a happy new year...

2013 may not be very New from past years, but it could be happy though! Some thoughts to keep me moving this year - 

The lesser you need, the happier you are!

So true... less requirements, less needs, less expectations, less desires.... less problems. Life could be so straight and simple, if only we could let it to be so. This new year, I might try to check my wants a little bit. Wants for clothes, food, emotions, warmth, money, and other things.... after all, God gives enough for everyone's needs, but not for everyone's greed.

Do not buy what you do not need!

Warren Buffet's suggestion that if you are spending your money in buying things you do not need, you might have to sell those things later. Also, your savings should not be income minus expenditures, rather it should be other way round. Financial planning and independence is very very important for each and every individual, irrespective of their age and status. Unfortunately, a lot of us, especially females, realise this very late. Of course, buying things that make you look nice and feel better is good, but their has to be a self-check, because money is crucial and should be spent wisely. 


Agree or not, but real meaning to a day comes when you utilize it as much as possible. Getting up late or being lethargic throughout might give a momentary sense of relaxation, but consuming yourself brings long lasting satisfaction. Even if it sounds 'oldy' - there is definitely an advantage in getting up early and finishing things in morning. Days, especially weekends, look longer if you get up in morning. You feel relaxed and more productive when things run as per schedule. Well planned day, enhances productivity and leaves you with extra and free time, which a hassled day absorbs terribly. And when you are a center of a family, your personal life doesn't remain very personal. It directly affects the life and time-table of other people. All good things must also happen on time, otherwise, they lose their charm and effect... remember! First Things First!

Talk less, listen more!

For last so many years, I am adding in the entropy of the world through my continuous blabbering. I guess, its time for others to speak. There's a part of me that just loves to talk, often provoking me to silent the other speakers and turn them into an audience, much to their dislike. I need to curb this part. It's time to listen.. to create a balance. Too much of one-sided action has already happen leading to a state of inert uniformity. Let's see what this, apparently quiet world has in store for someone, who has taken the charge to create all the noise alone.  

Take care!

Last but not the least! It's an honour to become someone, who can take care of someone else. It's an honour to be someone's mother and someone's grown up daughter, and someone's understanding friend, and someone to whom people look upon for help or suggestion. It is necessary to maintain people's trust. And it is necessary to take care of those, who depend on you. At the same time, you must take care of yourself! 

Look Good! Feel Good! Say Good! Do Good!