Thursday, January 09, 2014

Because I am made to last….. a very long time!

My son has this special ability to break any toy within 14 days. He will pick it up ... and throw it... pick it up and throw it.. till the toy surrenders and parts in pieces. Any toy of any price and any strength meets the same fate in the same time. After getting annoyed by this regular thrashing and bashing of my innocent play materials, I decided not to buy him anything for more than $14. One dollar for each day and $365 for a year sounds affordable for a single mom, with some responsibilities and a future.

So, this one day, while I was doing some shopping. I went towards the toy section. They had a sale on miniature cars. I was looking for something within $14 when I suddenly saw a gorgeous metal truck, for $49. For a moment, I admired the pure brilliance with which this miniature truck was created, and then another moment I visualised its fate, once it falls into my child's hands. Broken wheels, blown off roofs, tampered body, and all this at a prize of $49. I immediately kept the truck down and picked up another toy car for $13.99

I completed the shopping, made the payments and was ready to leave the shop, but somehow, the truck was not ready to leave my mind. While I was stepping out, something (I think God himself) knocked me into my head and said, "would you really not buy that truck? Like really?" And have you felt those moments, when you are consciously refusing something, but somewhere deep down, your unconscious is crying its heart out to accept it and then something happens, and you decide to go with your unconscious. I felt the same thing that day standing on the door of the shop, having bought a cheaper truck. I returned to the payment guy, and handed over him the toy car and pointed towards the toy section, saying, “I will replace it with that truck”!

Needless to say, my son was on cloud 9, seeing that adorable piece of marvel, a Metal Truck, which not in his dreams he would have imagined his mother buying him. I handed over him the toy with a stern advice, "it should not get broken, mind it or I'll take it back". With all his attention on the truck, he gave me an absent minded nod his head and ran outside with his truck. The whole day later, I was hearing "vroom vroom...".  However, the special care treatment did not last long and I heard the Truck falling from the staircase, dhad.. dhad.. .dhad...dhaD!!~ Ohh! I sighed. I threw another word of caution, falling on two deaf ears. 

Next morning, my son had completely forgotten about the fact that the toy was expensive and was not supposed to be thrown. The Truck has already been picked up and down.. picked up and down multiple times. But to my joy was still going "vroom vroom...". And that’s how one week passed... and then ten days... I used to hear regular dhad.. dhad... and vroom vrooms. A fortnight passed and the toy was still going "vroom vroom...". I was happy; at least one third costs will be recovered!

Three weeks passed... still "vroom vroom...". Four weeks -- "vroom vroom..."! Gosh! My son was not at all lenient and the toy was too resilient! And as the month passed, I gave up my patience. I told myself "enough! The toy needs to be thrown up from a greater height.. let me do it". I picked it up and threw... still "vroom vroom..."!! The Metal Truck passed my annoying test of durability and lasted not two, three or four months.. but complete three years!! It was the only toy that my son outgrew and it remained his favourite for ever. 

When I was buying that Truck, I had no idea that I am buying something that will last for years. I did not know what could last my child's brutal curiosity to bang and throw and dissect his playmates, but the company who made that truck knew. It knew that this Truck would go into the hands of some two years olds and would get picked up and thrown down thousand times, so they made it strong enough to bear that and to last.. for years. 

Doesn't God do the same thing. Remember how many times, we saw struggles, heartbreaks, diseases, deaths, losses -- they looked impossible to be borne. But we did them. We lived through them and when we looked back, we exclaimed in surprise, "oh! I overcame that. I lasted". Yes we do not know how much we can last, but the God, who made us, knows. He knows that this person, this Mary, that James, this Ria, she is going to be in the hands of somebody where she will be picked up and thrown a number of times. And so he made you in such a way, that you last; bearing all that thrashing and yet... "vroom vroom..."! 

Next time, when you wonder how you lived through those moments of grief and heartaches... tell yourself.. because you are supposed to, because you can,  because you are made to last!! Any number of times, you fall.. you will still emerge.. and go "vroom vroom..."!

(Had heard this story sometime back… thought of penning it down in my words)