Friday, April 04, 2014

B for Blog!

I would not have been the same person I am, if I did not have this blog! Yes, this is the importance of blogging to me.

When I had started blogging almost nine years back, I did not know that this simple webpage could become so dear and distinct part of my personality. After all, I had just wanted to create something to speak out my mind, so I started with a blog named "This is the World from my Eyes" (:D) It might sound too childish now, but back then it appeared like a perfect expression.

Once I hopped inside the blog-wagon, it just took me over completely. It became an addiction hard to resist. Soon, the inhibition of sharing your life on a public platform looked like irrelevant. The Blog turned into a Diary - an honest compilation of my life's incidents and moments. Now, when I look at it, I feel a sense of pride for having lived all this.

After all, what changes if you accept things in your life, publically. If you share the reasons of your joy and fear with strangers. Some people suggested me that it makes one bare in front of all. But then I have nothing to hide. All my emotions are so human and common. I feel glad, I feel sad, I want a few pleasures in life and I am scared to lose what I love. Isn't this something that happens with just everyone; then what stops me from accepting it - in private or in public!

Sharing your thoughts needs a simple thing - a certain honesty towards yourself. And when I look back at my posts, I feel completely satisfied with myself as, a person.

However, there are four things I would like to suggest (read advice) to those starting on any new social platform.
1.Please maintain some sort of care in sharing information that can be used for malivious interests. Eg. Your personal images, contact or financial details, using names from your professional world, making dangerous or hatred opinions, etc.
2. It's your space so you can open your heart here, but do not discuss other people's personal life.
3. Refrain from taking names of other people, without their permission.
4. Do not ever blog when you are angry.

With a very little care, one can really create a repository of emotions and moments. Bloggers love their blogs just as poets love their poems or authors love their books.

These pages are the chronicles of our life-history and we cherish them like anything! Ask, any blogger!