Friday, April 04, 2014

D for Dream Life!

What sort of life you would want to live, if someone else is bearing all your expenses? A friend asked me recently. The idea was appealing, indeed. Sometimes, we think that most difficulties in life can be resolved just if we get some incessant supply of money from somewhere and we are left to do nothing but to use that undepleting resource. Sounds good, but not true. Howsoever, hard we try to believe this, but this is not true. Lack of money is not the real trouble in our lives, and hence its unending presence would not be the solution, either. Sadly, but true.

Establishing the significance of money to a broken heart, a joke goes that its rather better to cry inside a Merc than on a bicycle. Perhaps! But then, do we really care about the elegance of the place, when we cry, or is it a listening heart that we look for at that time. I am sure, a bleeding heart is hardly concerned about the worsening eye-make up, howsoever, expensive the latter is.

I do not underestimate the power of money at all. In fact, I find it incredibly significant and powerful in changing lives. But considering it a sole solution of life's most troubles will be naive, I think. And on top of that, the money that I earn and spend on the ones I love would give me far more satisfaction than vice-versa.

That was about creating a dream life on the expense of someone else's expenses. Now, about the dream life, itself!

The thought is lovely! Where do I see myself after all these years -

Owning businesses
Creating value and wealth
Running multiple orphanages and schools
Owning a huge room, full of books and a comfortable couch to sit and read them
Changing the life of people through my speaking sessions
Traveling to several places, every year
Meeting wonderful people
Vacating at any place I want
Earning enough money to buy just anything I wish for, without bothering about my budget
Living with my favorite people and being available to them anytime I want or every time they need me
Carrying a beautiful healthy body and an attitude that can encourage others to live a simple and peaceful life

Yes, that is the kind of life I dream of. Being able to provide all that my loved ones need, all that that can insure them a decent living even when I am not around. Being able to love a lot. Being able to overcome my ego and tell some people how much I miss them, and how much I need them. Being able to see the world with family and the ones I care about. Being able to finally live my dream of opening orphanages and providing means for these kids to shape their lives.

A life of hyperactivity, with string of events lined up one after the other, a life of various roles and responsibilities; a life where I come home tired to be received by a wonderful family and loving children, a family where I steal vacations from my busy schedule, a life, where I share morning tea and dinner with my people and see them growing and progressing in their respective lives, a life that has seen amazing places and met with amazing people, a life which is completely exhausted and which when ends creates a sudden emptiness in the lives of those, it has been associated to. An emptiness that can be replaced, in terms of its absoluteness. If I get to live that kind of life, I think, I will be very very satisfied. A life well lived on my own expenses!