Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Her coffee is getting cold as she waits for him to miss her,
While his cigarettes are running one after another, trying to forget her.

This quote disturbs me immensely, so much that I have come back and read it several times. Another quote that disturbs me equally is,

“The right one for you will move mountains to be with you – he won't hide behind them.”

It hurts me because it breaks my belief that people turn bad due to circumstances, otherwise they are basically good. They want to do good things, want to treat you in a good way. But quotes like these tell me that those were not the circumstances that led two people separate, those were the real wishes of those two people who deep in their hearts had decided to part ways and hence found enough evidences to support their judgements. And what hurts me even more is that while those two people would wait perhaps their entire life to get the circumstances straight, they would never really come together again, because deep in their hearts, they do not want to.

Isn't this an amazing world!! Amusingly, sadistically, and enchantingly strange, where the most crucial things of your life are so subjected to perceptions. Who you really are, doesn't matter much - what matters is what perception people hold about you. If you need them you fight for a changed perception, if you do not, you ignore them. In both cases, no one really understands where lies the soul of the other.

I used to think that these are expectations that ruin things, but with time I have realized, our judgmental attitude brings in more harm to our social fabric than anything else. Creating stereotypes, criticizing people not being able to fit into those, making opinions about behavior we could not comprehend, suggesting people to act/behave/reciprocate in a certain ways. Isn't this an amazing world!! So truly amazing!!